Sunday, March 9, 2014

Marcala, Honduras District Missionaries. 1/20/14

Elder David Gurr at the waterfalls in Marcala, Honduras. 1/20/14

Elder David Gurr enjoying the pizza he made on the stove top.  1/20/14

Elder David Gurr making pizza on the stove top. 1/20/14


1/20/14 January 20th Elder Gurr

Hello family,
How are things going? It has been fun this last week. I can't believe how much time has passed.  It has been fun.  Here is what happened this week.  Monday was tough because we couldn't find many people in their house but we taught a member family because our goal is to help all the members understand how to share the gospel.  They are all new at this.  Tuesday we found a guy who is very interested about learning more about what we teach.  We hope to visit him this week to help him know the doctrine.  I also found a scripture about baptism and the gift of the holy ghost in Acts 19 (2-6) about how we should receive the Holy Ghost.  Then the next day we just worked on other things we needed to do.  

One of our investigators who in the past rejected the Book of Mormon is reading it like crazy.  He is attending church and is on his way to maybe a baptism after the transfer date so we will see.  Thursday we passed by him again and he was still positive and he wants to meet with us during the morning hours which is hard to find men in the house at 11 am in the morning.  We are excited to continue with him.  

We are having problems with our family baptism.  We might not be able to work with them for much more.  Friday I had an interchange with Elder Jurado and we helped set up a men's activity for the ward to animate them more.  We had shish kabobs.  They were delicious.  I had fun setting up the computer and whipping out the info from the computer like a high tech guy.  

On Saturday we worked hard with an investigator.  He is the only one who truly understands the restoration.  It's not an easy topic to understand. We can see a baptism in the future for him.  It's so crazy.  Sunday was hard because the power went out but besides that everything went well.  We taught a guy from El Salvador and he is interested.  We hope to find a way to help him spiritually.  I had tons of fun.  Hope you can receive these pictures.

Elder David Gurr
Elder David Gurr at the Honduras Temple. 1/13/14

Elder David Gurr at the Honduras Temple. 1/13/14 

1/13/14 January 13th Elder Gurr

Hello family,

Sorry this might be short. Here is a little bit of what happened. Monday was interesting.  We had a new family start taking the lessons.  We found another new family and we sang a song with a new investigator.  It was funny to see them sing with us.  We definitely don't sing on key.  Later that day we passed by a member's home and in the middle of the lesson two dogs came out of nowhere in front of us and attacked each other.  It was funny but hard to bring back the spirit.  
Tuesday we went to the city of La Esperanza and we stayed the night to prepare ourselves for the trip the next day to the temple.  We then on Thursday went to the temple and it was so spiritual.  I had a lot of fun going to the temple.  We found a family that night which we saw the day before on the bus.  We somehow found them in their home just contacting.
Sunday we ended the day finding another family.  We found 3 new families this week.  We also had a lesson with a person who refused to pray out loud only in silence so my companion told him pray then say out loud amen.
That's all I got.  I have to go. Bye.
Elder David Gurr