Sunday, August 11, 2013

Elder Gurr and the other missionaries at a Service Project in Honduras 7/29/2013.

Celebrating Christmas in July in Honduras 7/29/2013.

7/29/2013 July 29th Elder David Gurr

Hello Family,

I can't believe another week has gone by. On Tuesday we found a kid who is 16 and he had listened to the missionaries because his grandma was taking the discussions.  They moved away so he didn't finish the discussions.  He has always been interested in the church and then we found him so we are working with him.  

Another investigator that we are working with is reading the Book of Mormon and enjoying it a lot. He is almost to the book of Jacob in the Book of Mormon.  I am reading the Book of Mormon in English and I am keeping up with him so we can talk about the book. There are very interesting and helpful things in it.  We started to teach the investigator's child.  He loves computers and technology like I do. He is very good with computers.

Yesterday we found a couple and they are going to church. They want to be baptized.  The problem is that he works in a water company and we couldn´t visit him because they were giving out the bills at the end of the month.  He says he tries to go to church as time allows him.  We are working with them as well.  

It was incredible yesterday!  We started by talking to the father that won't let us baptize their daughter and he was fixing his trail in the backyard so we went and helped him. We talked with him about the Bible because he loves it.

Then we visited another person, a sister, who recently wanted to go to church.  She has been to church the last two weeks.  She is ready to be baptized, and we challenged her to a baptism date and she excepted to on, August 10.

This week has been crazy and I am excited for the baptism.  Having a lot of fun here. Living in Central America is incredible. I hope you all have a wonderful week. See you all next week.

Elder Gurr

7/22/2013 July 22nd Elder David Gurr Honduras

Hello Family,

How are things going? Here is a little bit about what has happened this week. The new member is doing good again this week. We taught her the importance of listening to good music. Then we taught two other investigators.

Another investigator is progressing, we might ask him on Wednesday to baptism again. The cool thing was we went to go bring an investigator to church, but he showed up by himself, which was really cool. We think there is a big future for him soon.

On Sunday, we found a member family where the daughter hasn't been baptized but the dad won't let her join the church. We told the daughter keep asking and maybe he will change his mind. She might have to wait a year, she just turned 17.  

Nothing big happened this past week, but we hope to continue finding more people to teach and will just keep searching. The investigator that showed up at church also fasted this week to help with his problems, so we think he is ready.  We are doing two service projects this week. It will involve moving rocks and helping move fire wood. More info next week.

Elder Gurr
Elder David Gurr in his apartment in Honduras 7/15/2013.

Elder David Gurr at a member's home 7/15/2013.

Elder David Gurr and Elder Agundez 7/15/2013

7/15/2013  July 15th Elder David Gurr Honduras

Wow, this week has been incredible and magnificent. First I am still in the same area and with the same companion, but some things were interesting.

I can't remember when but we had a day where we saw some kids playing jump rope.  We decided to play to get the adults attention.  They got a good laugh from us, but they went inside.  We had fun anyway and did make the kids there have a lot of fun, too.
Then it seemed like nothing was happening, so we went to dinner.  Before I say what happened I was really excited to go to work and after hearing one of the mission presidents speak.  I said we are going to find someone really positive.  
We went to go walk to dinner then all of the sudden a man about the height of my 13 year old brother came to us and asked, "Are you missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?" We said, "Yes", and he said that he loved the church and would be baptized. We were shocked and got his address.  God has given us miracles.

We have also contacted people from their doors and one lady wanted us to come back because she wanted to be baptized. It's crazy because one day it seems like your area is finished, but then God starts preparing people and getting them ready to hear the message of the restoration.  I love the work and I am learning a lot.
One last thing the Zone leaders had a baptism but what happened was the 13 year old kid had friends in another church.  He wanted to be baptized and it looked like he wasn't going to be baptized because his answer seemed like no.  We decided to pray to help him to choose the right, then the Zone leaders phone rang and someone told them he's not coming.  We told everyone no more baptisms, but as we left the other missionaries yelled for us to come back and said he came.  There he was, he had made his decision because we had prayed.

Prayer is very powerful.  Prayer can affect your future.  I urge all of you to pray for help. The Lord can help you. I love you all. See you next week.

 Elder Gurr
Elder David Gurr and Elder Rogriguez in Honduras 7/8/13.

Zone Conference picture in Tegucigalpa, Honduras 7/8/13.


Elder David Gurr in front of  the Tegucigalpa, Honduras Temple model 7/8/13.  The temple opened March 17, 2013.

7/8/2013 July 8th Elder David Gurr Honduras


Hello Family,

This has been a very interesting week because here is what we did. We have been looking for new people and Havier, who is a member here and just got his mission call to El Salvador, gave us a referral we could work with.  We weren't able to find him so we decided to visit another investigator and we found two girls that heard that we were going to start teaching English classes. Then we started talking about the church because one asked why our name is Elder and the other asked about the temple that was built here recently.  We are planning on teaching them because they really seemed interested.  

For the fourth of July we made hamburgers and fries. It was a fun day.  Then on Sunday we went to a member's house to eat food because it was Elder Agundez's (in our district) birthday.  We had the best American meal that I have had here.   The meat that she had was incredible and she bought this really good tasting cake.  It was a fun Sunday. Then later we saw a member and she asked us if we could give a blessing to a sister who's less active because the doctor thinks that she has a tumor. The blessing didn't promise her that there is nothing wrong but she needs to rely on the Lord and they will be able to get through it.  This week has been crazy and I hope that everyone else is having a great week see you all next week.

Elder Gurr

7/1/2013 July 1st Elder David Gurr Honduras

Hello Family,

This week has been long as in we haven't found many investigators to work with.  We found some people but others haven't been home.  This week has been crazy.  We went on interchanges with the Zone leaders.  We have investigators working on following the word of wisdom. They drink coffee so we helped them by buying a substitute drink like orange juice.  
The Zone leaders had a baptism and we always try to help the other companionship get the baptism service done.  Yesterday we found a new person who has been going to church and isn´t baptized. The problem is she is 16 or 17 and doesn't have permission from her parents. We are going to work on getting contact with her parents so she can get baptized.

Elder David Gurr

6/24/13 June 24th Elder David Gurr Honduras


Hello Family,

Here is the week. We had a lot going on. We baptized an investigator and she was so happy to go the waters of baptism. She was so excited!  I had a photo but the computer here corrupted it so I will try to get a picture with her another day.  This week, work wise has been a little slow but we put a date with two other investigators. We got 4 contacts on Tuesday and we found a less active member.  

We were walking and I noticed a house and the spirit told me to knock on the door of that house.  It was really cool because we brought her to church but the problem is she didn't have friends so she hasn't been in church for 10 years.  Now she is ready to come back to church. She actually thanked us for coming by and she said she will try to go back to the church all the time. It is really cool.  
Later the ward had a talent show and we had 40 contacts from the show, which was really cool.  We are going to contact them all very soon. It is going to be a great week. We also saw the missionary broadcast.  It was so cool to watch.  They want the members to do the finding not us. Yes that is important because knocking doors is not the best way to find people.

Elder Gurr