Sunday, December 21, 2014

Elder David Gurr at TGI Fridays in Tiloarque, Honduras.  12/15/14

12/15/14 December 15th Elder Gurr

Hello family,

This week has been another crazy week.  It's getting harder as you can see as it comes to an end.  This week has gone by so fast I really can't believe it.  We have been really focused on two investigators.  One is being super hard because he feels like he needs to talk to his old church first before he can make the decision and he is not looking good for this Saturday but we will try our best to see what we can do.  We feel that even though he has received an answer he still is to attached to his old church.  We have been teaching him for 3 months and now his church is trying to stop him from being baptized.  

The other on hasn't attended for 2 weeks straight and we feel she is scared to be baptized so we are going to visit her today and see what we can do.  I feel like she might not this Saturday but maybe this Christmas.  

Well it has been super crazy the progress happening here. Not much new.  I really am just focused on 2 people because after that there is no one left but still contacting to help my companion have new investigators. Love you all. See you next week.

Elder Gurr

12/08/14 December 8th Elder Gurr

Hello Family,
Wow another week has gone by so fast!  We found this guy and he was great and he had a question about which is the true church.  The spirit was strong in that lesson but we found out in the end he has work so he can't attend church.  Maybe in the future when he doesn't have work he can get baptized.  We are working with another investigator and the work is still hard because he needs his friends to pass by to give him a ride.  We will set that up for him.  Our baptism for the 20th is still progressing.  We watched the video found on with her and she liked it.  It's a great video to check out for this Christmas.  

We are also teaching this less active member and he went to church, but he fell back into the temptation of alcohol.  It sucks to see that but we hope for a Christmas miracle.  
We are also teaching another investigator and we have challenged him to get baptized on the 20th.  We will see if he can be baptized because he still hasn't received an answer that he should be baptized, but he is studying hard and we believe he will be able to do that.  We pray that he can receive an answer.

Also we picked up a new family and they are great.  The Dad has gone to church for 10 Sundays straight and we were able to meet him.  He wants to get baptized but not because his wife is a member but to really know if the church is true.  We also found another part member family and the problem is the wife thinks that we worship Joseph Smith but it's not true.  We are trying to help her understand the church has the same foundation as the church of Christ of the old days.  We have an appointment Wednesday to see if we can help her understand.  
Well that's all I got for this week hope you enjoyed it. 

Elder Gurr



Elder David Gurr in Tiloarque, Honduras.  12/01/14

12/01/14 December 1st Elder Gurr

Hello family,
Yes I am still here.  So this week has been crazy because we thought we were not able to complete appointment with several investigators.  The thing was we passed by 3 people and they kept telling us they were busy, but then out of nowhere they came to church and they were more willing for us to pass by this coming Tuesday.  The Mom and her two daughters are investigating the church.  The girls are wanting to get baptized, just the mom doesn´t have an answer yet.  She is a positive person just the fact is she just needs more time.  

We have another investigator who is super great but his parents do not want him to go to church.  His parents won't even let us talk to him but he does and he seems willing to go to church and has friends there.  

Well not much more happened this week but we will see who we could baptize the 25th because it would be really cool to do that. We also have another investigator who is very positive that came to church finally.  He looks to me that he could get baptized the 20th or the 25th. We will see about that. That's all I have its been a great area here and I am glad to be finishing here. I feel like this is my ward. Well, see you next week 

Elder Gurr


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Elder Small in Tiloqrque, Honduras. 11/24/14

Elder Small, Elder Gurr and Marcio at his baptism.  Tiloarque, Honduras 11/24/14

11/24/14 November 24th Elder Gurr

Hello family,

This week has been insane because for about the last week we had been training this new Elder Small because his trainer is going home next week. It is crazy to think that all this is happening.  We just helped trained him for the week then we are going to be done.  Also we will find out the changes next week.  I can't believe how much time has gone by.  The moments roll.  Well we will find out if we have changes this week because next week there are transfers and I hope I do not have to leave here.  Well this week was crazy because Elder Small is from Japan and his Spanish is not that bad at all.  We taught some people and oh yah we had a baptism.  That all I got for this week and this computer is really slow so that's all I have. I love you all and can't wait to see What happens next week.

Elder Gurr
Elder Gurr in Tiloarque, Honduras. 11/17/14

11/17/14 November 10th Elder Gurr

Hello family,

This week has been a great week. Well what we have been doing is finding a bunch of people to be baptized.  It has been great because in church yesterday we had 9 investigators in church.  It has been a blessing because we had no idea what to do.  We have tons of people progressing.  One of our investigators is going to be baptized this week which will be the start of completing a family. That next month he will get married to his girlfriend (they don't live together) and we are invited to the wedding.  That is our main guy for this week and next week we have more people who could be baptized the next month, but we will see about that.  

Other things, well I have gone on a lot of splits so I was only in my area for 5 days.   We have one investigator that is trying to decide to join the church.  He is a great guy and I hope we can help him get baptized in the church of Jesus Christ.  We will see and help him make this decision in his life.  Well that's about what I got. Nothing crazy happened this week but we are going to a place that sells cool stuff so we will see what I can get to bring home.

I love you all. BYE

Elder Gurr

11/10/14 November 10th Elder Gurr

Hello Family,
This week has gone by fast again. I feel like I just talked to you guys yesterday.  Well, on Tuesday we found this guy who let us in saying to us that we can't talk about the Book of Mormon but things from the Bible we could talk about.  So we went crazy teaching him that there are more scriptures then the Bible and that we believed it and the Book of Mormon.
We quoted from the bible, Ezekiel 37:15–17,

15 ¶The word of the Lord came again unto me, saying,

 16 Moreover, thou son of man, take thee one stickand write upon it, For Judah, and for the  children of Israel his companions:then take another stickand write upon it, For Joseph
the stick ofEphraim, and for all the house of Israel his companions:

 17 And join them one to another into one stick; and they shallbecome one in thine hand.

As you can see the scriptures testify of another book besides the bible.  Also, The Bible is compiled of many books.  He was a preacher and he could not explain it.  He just can't believe in more than the Bible but we gave him a book and told him to pray.  He needs to open his heart.

Then I went with Elder Santos, the one that has been having medical issues, and he is getting better and now he is working again.  He rested for 10 days and his face is getting better.  Everything though is good.  Then I went with another Elder in another exchange and it was crazy. We taught a bunch of people.  Then it was sad because one of our families we found last week,  the father died.  It was sad and these people need God more than anything. It's crazy how life is short but we told them that you will be able to see him again.  Then on Sunday we had a miracle happen.  We had an investigator come that we didn’t expect and they are doing really well.  Then we had 3 new people come to church.   We talked to them and they want to be baptized.  They also attended a baptism for the family John-Reyes.  The father is American and the mom is from Honduras.  It was awesome and we will see what we can do to help them reach their goal of baptism.
Well that's my week. Love you all! Bye
Elder Gurr

Friday, December 5, 2014

11/03/14 November 3rd Elder Gurr

Hello family,

This week went by super fast again. It wasn't full of activities but it was still good. The Elder who is sick, (his name is Elder Santos) has a problem with his face that has put him out of work for 1 week.  His left side of his nerve on his face just stopped working. The doctors are helping him fix the problem. I stayed with him Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.  He is doing better and says he should be able to recover soon.  Pray for him and his face to get better because he is training a new person.  

In our area things have been going crazy.  On Wednesday we had to find or meet 10 people because it was a challenge from the mission president.  He challenged us to do this for this month.  For us as elders it's hard because usually there are only women in the house and it is hard to find men there.  We went contacting in a mall shack like place were almost everyone there eats.  One guy contacted us and he said that he wants to attend our church sometime and he was from the states and he worked at places like Applebee's. He was sent back because he was driving without a license more than 3 times but his was legal. He needs to wait 3 years before he can go back. He has a wife and 2 kids there, He said we could pass by him soon.  

One of our recent converts is bringing her son to church.  He came yesterday so everything is good there.  He will complete a family if they want to get married before his baptism.  Either way he will be married but maybe a month before he does he will be baptized.  We will see what they can do and maybe teach him the importance of being married before baptism. Her other son is having troubles because he is not able to make up his mind and he kind of feels connected with the Catholic church.  He says he will continue to work on getting things done and doing his part to receive an answer.
Finally I got to go out with one of the new missionaries in exchanges. It was super fun because I was the only one who could understand what the investigator was saying. It reminds me of all the hard trials I went through to be able to speak the language. Their investigator didn't want to go to church yesterday because he had other things to do so I told him to put a plan to go to church and then he will be blessed by it.  Well I got to go.  

I love you all!

Elder Gurr
Baprtism of Blanca in Tiloarque, Honduras (10/27/14). Elder David Gurr on the right and Elder Welch on the left in white. 

10/27/14 October 27th Elder Gurr

Hello family,

Well it's been an interesting week because I got new book covers for my scriptures. They are awesome and I will send you pictures of it next week. It has a picture of people like Captain Moroni and the Temple and more. They came out really good.

We baptized our investigator. She has a strong testimony and she is ready to help the rest of her family, her two sons, come to their decision and be baptized as well. The best part is that one of her sons wants to be baptized and is dating a member.  Yes another family for the next month.

This has been a crazy week. Something did happen though. Don't have a heart attack but someone stole our phone.  Don't worry they didn´t hurt us or anything we just left the phone on the ground and someone picked it up and stole it. Everything is ok and the office is going to get us a new cell phone. We are blessed that we never saw him and i know that God is protecting us. Continue to pray for me and don't worry the safety is normally fine. This i think was the first time getting ´´robbed´´ on my mission. Funny it wasn´t that bad.

One of the Elders is really sick so to help their companionship one of us stays with the Elder and the other goes out to work with the other Elder so that they can have some support. It should be a good experience. You even serve other missionaries on your mission. Well that is all that really happened and it has been a fun week. Enjoy the pictures and that makes 3 families baptized. I love it. 

Love you all and I will see you next week.
Elder Gurr
Elder David Gurr in Tiloarque, Honduras.  (10/20/14)

10/20/14 October 20th Elder Gurr

Hello family,

How is it going there? Well it was like normal here.  We are teaching the gospel and helping people become closer together as a family.  Well on Monday we both felt that we wouldn't have changes so we went and talked to a lot of people and then on Tuesday we got the call that there was no changes and it was great because this area has a ton of potential.  

Well, something crazy happened on Wednesday, which is transfer day, when my companion got a call from the Sister Missionaries that said my companion is now district leader. He was shocked!  Then after that it didn't change much but that he now has to worry about the whole district.  I think though it is going to be a little bit harder with that but we will continue finding the lost souls of the world.

This week we should have a baptism in a part member family.  The problem with the investigator is that on Sunday morning one of her sons fell down and went to the hospital to get stitches. The whole family was going to attend but since this happened they couldn't come. Everyone else that I have baptized are strong members of the church and even the second family I baptized received the priesthood yesterday. I have to go. Bye.

Elder Gurr

10/13/14 October 13th Elder Gurr

Hello family,

This week has been really fast. You have no idea.  I felt like I just wrote an hour ago. Sorry it's a little late but it is here.  Well this week we cleaned up the house because we decided that we could not live in the filth that we had so we got the apartment clean.  We visited one of our investigators and she is more than ready to be baptized and it would complete another family in the gospel. She believes in everything we say because I believe it's the spirit testifying to her.  I really hope we don't have changes this week because I feel I can work with this companion really great.  Well also her son is progressing really well.  Also this week we met her other son who wants to get married to a member and wants to join the church. Another easy family to complete.

I have never seen miracles like I have seen now.  It is super crazy. I pray that I can finish my mission here because this area is awesome. Yah some people are mean but for the most part they are not. The ones who reject this now will hopefully get a chance in the future.  Elder Welch and I are working hard.  Don't get me wrong we get rejected almost all day but I know if you keep working it will happen in the end.  I love you all and I will email you next week.

Elder Gurr

10/06/14 October 6th Elder Gurr

Hello Family,

This week has been amazing because we brought another family to church. The investigator's husband is a member who is active in the church. She came to conference with her son and they enjoyed it. They loved how it was mainly focused on Christ and she said she loved it. I talked to her son and he said the same thing so we might baptize them at the end of this month making it the 3rd family in this area. I hope I can finish here because there is so much opportunity here.  I don't have much more news but the new family is the big news right now. They were raised Catholic and believed we worshipped Joseph Smith but her husband finally shared to her what we believe and since then it has been a blessing.   

I would tell people that missionary work is easier when the missionaries have help because people are likely to be hard hearted when they don't understand.  Well it's been fun. I can't wait to see you all again. It has been really fun this year and can't wait to see how much there is left on mu mission.  Love you all.   

Elder Gurr

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Baptism of Emanuel as well as Carlos and Marjury Ponce. 9/29/14

09/29/14 September 29th Elder Gurr

Hello Family,

This week has been great! We baptized three people.  It was super awesome because they all had strong testimonies. It's really cool because they have worked super hard to get to where they are.  Each bore their testimony and had their hearts changed.

Let's start with Emanuel, we find out that he was a big leader in a different church.  He was as high as a bishop would be. He told us though that one day he got into a horrible accident and he took forever to recover. It was hard for him because he recently divorced his wife and no one from his church was helping him.  Then he moved to where we were and he was the first person we found in the new change.  He used to drink and do stuff like that but in one month he changed his life for forever.  

Then there is Family Ponce. The first time we found them he told his wife to tell us that he doesn't know us and then we were able to teach them the first time and they were baptized.  It was super funny because he tried telling us that he had another commitment in another church but it wasn't true.  The first time they came to church I just knew they would make great members.  It is super awesome to see them.  Since then they said people would tease them about being Mormon which is super funny because with other religions they don't do that. They are both really happy for everything that happened and they had a awesome wedding. I love you all and I need to get off right now love you all.

Elder Gurr

09/22/14 September 22nd Elder Gurr

Hello family,

How are things going?  It has been really fun here this week.  We have been having a lot of success.  Well it was sad because one of our investigators went out with his friends and tripped up on the word of wisdom.   It was a really sad day also because we were not able to work much because my companion was really sick yesterday.  He threw up like 10 to 20 times the last 3 days, but I think he is doing better.  Everything is good with our investigating family.  I saw the husband just this morning and he has his wedding papers ready today.  We will be able to baptize them soon.  The other investigators we have are very positive as well and if we baptize both we can complete 2 families because the mom has a spouse that is a member and her son has a girlfriend that is a member. It has been a really fun week. The week has gone by so fast.  We are going to have tons of things to do this week its incredible.  Love you all see you next week.

Elder Gurr
Elder Gurr in Tiloarque, Honduras.  This is a city just outside Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  9/15/14

Bus trip in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  9/15/14

09/15/14 September 15th Elder Gurr

Hello Family,
This week has been a good week. We have three people who are progressing really well.  I have never seen so much progress going on since now.  My companion has so much energy to work it is crazy.  My companion is super crazy you have no idea.  He is not totally annoying, just in the morning.  He is singing and who knows what else.  

Well I don't have much to say but we have an investigator progressing a lot and we still think he will be baptized by the end of the week.  We have plans to baptize everyone really fast.  Hopefully it can happen really fast.  Then we have family that is ready as well.  It is super awesome.  They are getting their papers fast and everything should fall into place.  I am really excited to be here with my new companion and I know we can create miracles.  I love my companion and I don't know what else to say but I love this area.  It has so many positive people in it.  I will try to post more videos that you can watch and I want you to know that even though the days are going down the time I have here is something special.  The power I have to understand these people is incredible.  I am super happy with my mission and know with the language it helps a lot more. Love you all!
Elder Gurr

P.S. Its independence day here in Honduras.

09/08/14 September 8th Elder Gurr

Hello family,

Wow what a successful week we had.  Really it was crazy.  So we had transfers and Elder Dial went to another area and I received my new companion and his name is Elder Welch.  He is from Arizona and he is super funny because he loves to talk in lessons and is not afraid to make errors.  It is good. I wish I was like that at my time because I was shy until I really got the language.  He has the same time as Elder Dial. He is the biggest craziest worker ever.  He is super crazy about the work.  

We found 13 people this week and its super crazy.  We put a baptism date with the first person we contacted.  I haven´t worked this hard in a while like super crazy because that's not me but it's good to get back in the game.  It gets harder as you get to the end because of the reality of the fact it's around the corner.  Elder Welch is super funny.  One time someone said to us that they were a different religion and my companion was like yah and so are we.  He speaks his mind but in a friendly way.  It's awesome.  

Well I have a billion stories but just know that we already plan to have a bunch of success this change.  My companion and I are ready to take them. Let no fear come from thy mouth but teach by the spirit and I will be with you. We had the first contact come to church and he said he liked it a lot. It was a great time this week. It looks like we will have another family baptized at the end of the month. I got to go but see you next week. Love you all!
Elder Gurr
Elder Gurr in a Honduran Air Force Helicopter.  9/1/14

Elder Gurr in Tiloarque, Honduras. 9/1/14

Elder Gurr next to his first area, 21 De Febrero.  It is right next to his current area, Tiloarque, Honduras. 9/1/14

09/01/14 September 1st Elder Gurr

Hello family,

It has been a fast week, you have no idea. I remember thinking not this last Sunday but the Sunday before thinking about the mission and what we were going to do for this last week and it was crazy. This week has been good for our family investigating the church because they came to church again and they are progressing a bunch here. There only problem is they have no money at all for a wedding. They have a 6 or 7 month old child and he doesn´t have a good solid job right now. The wife wants to work but the husband doesn´t want her because he wants his baby safe.  She wants to help.  They will be baptized because the desire in both of them is super strong. I don't have much to say but I have a lot of photos.

It has been hard to find people to listen but we have been praying to find people who are ready to receive the gospel and if it's just two people I am satisfied with that. We don't have anyone else but I know that we can find more people. I appreciate the members helping us with our family. It has made it so much easier for our investigators to be comfortable.

Elder Gurr

8/25/14 August 25th Elder Gurr

Hello family,

This week was the best week ever. We found the next family we could put a baptism date with.  We found them on Saturday and then we asked them if they wanted to go to church with us that week and they were like no because someone else invited them to go to their church but we then convinced them.  We had his friend with him and this member recent convert has so much energy and testimony.  We could have never found this family without them because they live in a closed apartment complex.  

This week was also great because I was taking a cold shower when all of the sudden the heated water started to work.  It was miracle after miracle this week. Sometimes the mission is hard but worth it in the end. I love the progress that we are making and our investigators are making.  Love you all.

Elder Gurr
Baptism of Family Saravila. 8/18/14

8/18/14 August 18th Elder Gurr

Hello Family,

Wow I have a lot to write to you guys today. Monday we were teaching a family investigating the church about the law of chastity.  It was funny because one of the kids was saying like you parents are not living the law of chastity because they are not married. It was super funny. Then later we found a woman that literally kept saying no.  Hard but after we thought about it super funny.  Wednesday I got to pet a raccoon, it was super cool.  The Family Saravia had their baptism interviews.  They were sick and almost didn’t make it to the interviews and their baptism but they were able to come and complete them.  It was a happy day for us. We had a good week.

Elder Gurr
Eder Gurr, Elder Dial, and Family Saravia at the wedding of family Saravia. 8/11/14

8/11/14 August 11th Elder Gurr

Hello family, 

My companion got the papers ready for family Saravia and I went with the district leaders companion because he knew what to tell the lawyer so he did it. Then we went on divisions to find people and we contacted someone we saw on the street.  We started to talk to him and we could tell that he didn't want us to talk to him because he was on his phone.  We asked him some questions and he said he lived like right in front of the church and we asked him if he would like to come to church one week.  He said, "I go to that church there."  We have are church right next to the Catholic church.  It's tough because they are all Catholic here in the city.  Most of the doors we contacted where the Bishop lives was very hard but we found one who knows the church and wants to study the Doctrine and Covenants.  

Friday was the best!  We attended the marriage of Family Saravia.  They were super happy for that to happen.  They were awesome. It was so much fun.  Lots of planning and stuff.  It wasn't easy because when we tried to get it all together things fell.  So when they were reading the wedding thing all of the sudden they had the wrong papers but in the end they got married.  Then we went back to the church in Tiloarque for the reception after the civil wedding in the city office.   They had a baby Shower going on so we pushed them to finish and set up really quick a wedding reception.  It was tons of fun.  We had cake and of course chicken, the one thing they eat the most.  
Then Saturday was insane as well because we got a call an hour before to help move a family out of their house.  We gave 3 or more hours of service. We moved everything a regular house has.  We asked why and she said it's closer to the church and it's in a gated community.  The community is much safer.  

Love you all. For me the time is going by so fast. I felt like I wrote yesterday.

Elder Gurr
Elder Gurr in Tiloarque, Honduras. 8/4/14

Elder Gurr and Elder Dial in Tiloarque, Honduras. 8/4/14

Tiloarque, Honduras. 8/4/14

7/28/14 July 28th Elder Gurr

Hello family,

I had some crazy experiences happen to me this week.  On Wednesday we went on divisions with the members for almost the whole day. The two people we met that were the most interesting is when we contacted a kid at the front door and he let us in the front porch and he spoke English.  He was super nice and willing to listen to us. Then we saw his grandmother and she just walked in the house and then after teaching the kid for about 2 minutes the woman comes back out and said, "I don't want to hear your Mormonism", and she was saying other things like that, making sure that we wouldn't talk to her about our church.  Then after about 5 minutes later when we finish talking to the kid we went to contact again and we found her in the street and she said promise me that you will never come back and visit me. We said we wouldn't but I could not promise her it would never happen again.  Then she was like you are walking the wrong path of Christ and I thought to myself who is the one going out using all my time to preach the gospel to the people of Honduras and I was thinking, not you. It's hard to keep you anger in but the member was cool and said OK sister.  Have a good day.  The member had a criminal past but has completely been changed by the gospel of Christ.

Also we were getting tired of contacting the whole day so we saw someone outside and we contacted her. She said she talked to missionaries a short time ago outside of the mission and she was going to get baptized but she couldn't because they left and came to our area.  She is very positive and she is married so we will see what we can do for them.  

On Saturday that was crazy so we were in personal study when all the sudden we get a call that we are going to have interchanges with the assistants.  We were like,  what? We thought it was a joke.  We thought ended up my companion worked with one assistant and I got to exterminate houses of cockroaches and all that it was super fun helping and spreading the chemicals.  

On Sunday I was preparing a class for the second hour because the night before they asked me to do it so I started to prepare the class in church that next morning about 8:30 am so that my companion could practice the Hymns.  I was minding my business studding hard for the second hour class I was going to teach when all of the sudden the bishopric called me up and told me to come over.  I was shocked but I went over then I sat down next to them.  They asked me how I was and I said good and they said they wanted me to prepare a 8 minute talk about what ever thing for Sacrament Meeting that same morning.  I told them I couldn't because I was preparing the next class but they still asked me to do it and I accepted. So then I was now focused on what I would teach at the last second.  Then they started the meeting and I was still thinking when the first went up to speak then I felt like she finished in less than 30 seconds. Then they said it was my turn and I had no idea what to say.  I got up, hesitated a little, then I just started to speak. I spoke about work and not just missionary work but supporting a family.  That is what I was prompted to speak on so I did. I threw scriptures that I had read in the past and to be honest don't remember much but I know the Holy Ghost taught the lesson because I would of not known what to say. The Lord has blessed me with the words to say in this talk because I would have never known what to say. I am grateful for the Holy Ghost that guides us and just one more thing LET THE HOLY GHOST GUIDE. This is my advice this week love you all.

Elder Gurr    
Elder Gurr, Elder Dial, and Family Saravia at the LDS Temple in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. 7/21/14

Elder Gurr, Elder Dial, and Family Saravia at the LDS Temple in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. 7/21/14

Elder Gurr and the Elders and Sisters in Tiloarque, Honduras. 7/21/14

7/21/14 July 21st Elder Gurr

Hello family,

So I am down to about 5 months left on my mission.  Super crazy!  It's been hard but a lot of fun coming to Tiloarque. We might have changes in two days but my companion Elder Dial keeps saying, "No, you will stay here one more change!". It's been really close with our family baptism.  He is going to again get his wedding papers and he should be baptized in the coming weeks.  Maybe we can marry them close to mom and dad's anniversary. Crazy Stuff!

Well here is a little that happened this week. We did a family home evening and it was super fun.  The family loved it. They are working hard and could get their papers in really soon.  A funny thing happened because the word jail and in-grown toenail is about the same. I told someone that I had my nails in jail and not ingrown toenails. They laughed so hard.  A funny thing also we had a meeting during our planning for the week then one of the Elders took the keys to a Bishop so he locked us in and he said he would come back in time. So we waited also having Chili dogs to eat and he didn't come for a long time.  We ended up playing phase 10 till 3:30 in the afternoon. It was fun but one elder was like were never getting out.  I told him just to be a man and someone will come. There is always kids playing soccer here.  

On Friday we took a family that is investigating the church to the temple. They were great and they loved to go to the temple with us. We walked in the front and we showed them the proclamation to the world and with the peace in the temple it was a good atmosphere because here it's not hard to hear some type of music playing in the background but the temple is very peaceful.  

Then Saturday was our busiest day we found a ton of new contacts and contacted like crazy. We received references that we contacted and it was a day I was really proud of. Then on Sunday a family we were working with came to church.  We could baptize about 4 people from their family but we are just waiting when it could be.  I love learning patience.  It helps me learn to be humble and I love talking to the members and those investigating the church.

Well, that all I got. I love you all and letters should come in the mail just waiting for the change date to hand them to the elders in the office. Love you all and write to you next week-

Elder David Gurr

7/14/14 July 14th Elder Gurr

Hello yet again. So this will be really short because something crazy happened to me this week. On Monday we went to go play soccer on a real soccer field and the way I kicked the ball ruined my nail even worse.  I knew it was a problem that I planned to get done towards the end of my mission but I couldn't make it.  I had two nails cut on my foot. It was really painful but rewarding in the end.  So the next day I went to a super sketchy hospital to be examined to see how it was and she gave me some prescriptions and everything.  Sometimes I don't get everything when they talk medical in Spanish but one member paid for everything and I had all of it brought to me at the apartment.  Super Crazy!  

I stayed home for about 4 days so we didn't go out to work. The weirdest thing also is that we were told to have interchanges with the zone leaders which all we did that day was sit at home and study.  Also the zone leader made me dinner in bed.  Super cool with the fact he was a zone leader.

Elder Gurr

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Elder Gurr, Elder Dial, and new members in Tiloarque, Honduras.  7/7/2014

7/07/14 July 7th Elder Gurr

Hello family,
Ha, what a great week and also a funny one.  Here is a little bit of what happened.  So after I told you that on Sunday that one of our investigators wanted to get baptized we passed by her on Tuesday and we passed by the questions of the baptism interviews.  There was some things she did and we talked to the mission president but he said that not to worry and if she was fully repented she did not need and interview with the president. I was so happy because she is a great person.  So the next few days we invited everyone to attend her baptism. We then got to Saturday and we still were asking the zone leaders to give us clothes.  They gave them to the district leaders and we took them to the baptism.  Well that's the funny thing she was given clothes that were big to my companion.  Then when she tried to put them on they didn't fit.  It was super funny.  Also the other problem was the zipper didn't fit.  It was like are you kidding me?!  Super funny.  We ended up using the shirt of the little girl and putting it on the young woman right after the little girl got baptized and then vise versa.  It was the funniest ever.  It worked out in the end and on Sunday she was confirmed.  They are both super happy and I am happy to see their progression in the gospel.  That was great.  

Well the family we are working with is still working on their wedding so who knows when that will be done.  That's all I got. I have to get off but enjoy the photos.  

Elder Gurr