Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Elder David Gurr at the Zone Leadership Meeting in Honduras. 09/17/13

Elder Gurr with a dog adopted by the Elders. 9/16/13

Elder Gurr with a puppy named "Oso". 9/16/13

9/16/2013 September 16th Elder Gurr

Hello Family,

On Monday I didn't write because I got my residency updated. It took all day and I ended up finishing late. Tuesday, I had to go with my companion to a leadership meeting.  We stayed at another missionary's house, then the next morning around 5:00 am we drove to the Temple.  It was about a 4-5 hours drive to get there.  I was able to sleep during the drive.  Attending the Honduras Temple was awesome because we got to visit the temple and feel the spirit inside.  We then ate a pizza at Little Caesars and food at Wendy's.  We got home about 9:00 pm so I didn't have time to write.

The next day we arrived back home and then the power went out.  All day there was no power on Thursday.  By Friday we had a zone leader with us.  We couldn't spend time writing so we taught one investigator and didn't do much else.

Our Saturday was OK, we taught a few lessons, but the best was on Sunday, yesterday.  It was awesome!  We left the house and went tracking and we were able to teach a bunch of people.  We found a group of 7 people and one of them was really interested.  She's Catholic which is the biggest religion in this country.  She wanted to know more about the church.  The spirit in that room was so strong.

Later we helped a family of 7 kids and a mom to teach the kids something while the mom could cook food for the kids.  I have photos this week.

Elder Gurr

Sunday, September 15, 2013

9/9/2013 September 9th Elder Gurr

Hello Family,

Sorry, it's been a long time since writing, but I am back online and I am alive.

Here's my week...
On Monday, I woke up at 3:00 am to go 4-hours from Marcala to Tegucigalpa to talk to someone to get residency paperwork and I didn't get home till 7:00 pm at night.  Nothing is open past 7:00 pm.  Long Day...  
Tuesday I met someone who I believed was prepared by God.  He is ready to hear the gospel and knows how to speak English.  Wednesday I went with another companion to do interchanges and we were able to teach some people. We found a new person who seemed to be interested. Friday, I found a blanket with a picture of wolves on it because it's cold in my area. It's awesome!  
On Saturday there was a celebration of the children. There was a fun activity at the church for all the children. Yes, there is a kids day called "Día de los Niños".

Sunday we taught someone and it was so powerful and spiritual that he felt the spirit and he is going to be baptized I know it. He is awesome. I talked to people in English from the United Kingdom, but they left today. It was fun to talk in English with them.

Out of time, but I will email you all next week.

Elder Gurr

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Elder Gurr and Elder Osborn in Marcala, La Paz, Honduras.  9/2/2013

9/2/2013 September 2nd Elder Gurr

Hello Everyone,

This week has been very spiritual to me personally. I had the privilege to help the other new missionaries in my district.  They had been struggling with getting a baptism date confirmed for an investigator.  We went with the Sister Missionaries, Sister Kuhns and Sister Olacho to help and they were able to set a date for baptism for the investigator.  It was such a spiritual experience for all of us.  We all felt the spirit.  The spirit testified to her of the true church of God.  It was so powerful it's hard to describe the feeling I felt in that room.  It was interesting to see so much love the sisters had for this investigator.  It reminded me a lot of the sisters in the movie District 2.

We also worked on someone's papers to get them married and it took a lot of time and money but we were able to fix the problem.  There is joy that comes over me when I am able to help a family enter into the kingdom of God.  

We were able to eat at Burger King which was the first time in a while.  We don't have a Burger King and Little Caesar's Pizza near us.

The rest of the week we worked with the district to help them.  We all have trials but God gives trials to us so we can learn. My faith is tested every day.  It's not easy being a missionary but it is worth it.  The journey, the trials, the fun, and the memories.  I can't believe how much fun it is being here.  It's safer out here in Marcala and the people are so nice.  I am learning to humble myself to have the spirit with me always. Thanks for the support.

Elder Gurr

Haz lo Justo!
(Choose the Right!)
Elder Gurr and Elder Osborn at the Marcala, Honduras waterfall. 9/2/2013

Elder Gurr with two members in Marcala, Honduras. 9/2/2013

Elder Gurr at a Pulperia (Minimart) in Marcala, Honduras.  9/2/2013

Elder David Gurr with friends in Quezada, Honduras. 8/29/2013

Open field near the waterfall in Marcala, Honduras. 9/2/2013

Elder Gurr climbing to the top of the waterfall in Marcala, Honduras. 9/2/2013

Elder Gurr at the top of the waterfall in Marcala, Honduras. 9/2/2013

Elder Gurr at the Rock Formations in Marcala, Honduras.  9/2/2013

Marcala, Honduras District missionaries with some local members.  9/2/2013

Elder Gurr and Elder Osborn with a donkey. 9/2/2013

8/26/2013 August 26th Elder David Gurr

Hello Family,

I was transferred and I'm in my new area.  I am a senior companion with Elder Osborn. This week was really weird for many reasons.  Monday in Quezada the power went out again almost all day but we were able to talk to a few investigators.  

Tuesday was very good and we worked super hard on my last day teaching people.  I feel like I just saw them yesterday but it's been almost a week.  We taught an investigator that we have been working with for a long time.  She is awesome, but I won't be there for her baptism. Then I said my goodbye's to all of the other investigators that we were able to contact.  

Then transfer day happened and I was eager to see what was going to happen.  I found out I was called to the farthest corner of the mission.  I met Elder Osborn who was my first companion's trainer.  Small world!  Thursday we visited a less active but he wasn't able to come to church so we are going to help him with what he needs.  Friday we were helping another set of Elders that had to process a  wedding paper for a couple and that took all day.  Saturday was good, we taught a few investigators.  Sunday I found out that the whole ward is less than a year old with 40 to 50 people. There are only  3 members with the priesthood so I had to pass the sacrament.  That was really weird. Monday was late because we had to travel and I am waiting for more money to be put in my missionary account.  It is taking longer to add the funds into my account this month.

We hiked today to see the sights here in Marcala, so I am a little bit sore. We saw a water fall and were able to do other things.

Love you all see you next week.

Elder Gurr

8/19/2013 August 19th Elder David Gurr

Hello Family,

How is it going this week?  Thanks for all the pictures you have sent me. This week has been interesting.  We taught some member families about the progress of our missionary work to get help from the members in the ward.  Tuesday was the best because we found a member who makes tortillas.  She is super positive and she is willing to do baptisms for the dead because her Mom died and she wants to be sealed to her again.  She has been great when we visit her.  She has been one of the most interesting characters I have ever met.  She knew instantly that the church was true.
On Friday I gave a full lesson to the district about being obedient and that we can receive miracles if we work hard.  That's what happened this week.

See you all later.

Elder Gurr
Zone Meeting in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. 8/12/13

Monday, September 2, 2013

8/12/2013 August 12th Elder David Gurr

Hello Family,
This week has been good because we are teaching this family but the problem is that we can't baptize them until they get a marriage license.  We are helping them with the paperwork.  We are working on that and in about a month we can baptize them.
All the missionaries are asked to read the Book of Mormon and to read Preach My Gospel during our 1-hour of personal study time. It has been really effective for me to do that.

On Thursday we had another power outage and it went on and off about 7 times.  It was hard to decide to go out because we were wondering "Is it safe to go outside or not?" Then on Friday was the biggest flood I had ever seen. There was a river blocking us from going to the church and it hailed.  It was incredible!

On Saturday the other Elders had a baptism and it was interesting because we invited no one because the kid was afraid of water and almost the whole ward showed up.  Then we had to usher them out because he was petrified.  Now he is a member and he can feel the Holy Ghost inside of him. It took about a half an hour to dunk him. :)   He is happy he did it but I think he doesn't want to be near water anymore.  
On Sunday we had an important appointment with a family that is investigating the church.  During the visit the Father in his prayer thanked the Lord that we came and he is excited for his baptism on August 24th.  We have a goal this week to find 3 new families because we are working hard to find new people. I love you all. Thanks for the support.
Elder Gurr

"Como Hágalo"

8/5/2013 August 5th Elder David Gurr

Hello Family,

Hello everyone this week has come and gone again. Here are some things that happened this week. On Tuesday we were walking when we saw someone trying to move some rocks to turn on their water valve. He was interested in our message but he lives in another part of town. He comes here a lot, especially Sundays.
Later we were teaching an investigator and her brother came in and we talked to him to build a relationship.  Then on Thursday we went to a member's home and we taught her less active husband. He came to church which was really cool.  Later we were walking home when we saw someone ask us to come to her house to take back a few Book of Mormons. She had a 1950 Edition of the Book of Mormon in Spanish. The pictures in there were incredible.

On Friday we helped a kid we found with firewood and brought it to his house. The Dad wasn't interested but he thanked us for helping his son bring firewood to his home.  Then we found someone knocking doors and we found out he was a Baptist and he was interested to learn anything and everything about Christ.  We asked him if he knew that Jesus Christ came to America and he was shocked and said no.  We gave him the book and he promised to read it because he wants to know everything Christ did.  He loves to follow him which was a strong testimony builder for me and it makes me want to know more as well. 
On Saturday we gave gifts to some recent converts.  We gave them the triple combination (Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, Doctrine and Covenants), the Bible and also a hymn book they use.  They need their own hymn book because the churches don't have it. They buy it for less than $.50 I think.  I gave one of the new members my pen and she thanked me. It was a purple pen.

Another family that we have been working hard with, that is investigating the church now has a baptism date for August 24, 2013.
I am out of time till next time.

Elder Gurr