Monday, July 15, 2013

Elder David Gurr on missionary exchanges in Quezada, Honduras 6/17/13.

Elder David Gurr during a downpour in Honduras 6/17/13.

Elder David Gurr and other missionaries on the way to the
Tegicigalpa, Honduras Temple to sing in a program for investigators 6/16/13.

An example of an Elder's bed in Honduras 6/17/13.

Elder Gurr in Quezada, Honduras 6/17/13.

Elder David Gurr practicing at the chapel for the choir,
prior to singing at the Tegucigalpa, Honduras Temple. 6/15/13

6/17/13 June 17th Elder David Gurr Honduras

This week has been interesting. I was in a choir last Sunday and I got to sing to a bunch of investigators. It was insane! The thing was that we had investigators come to this big activity at the temple. We had a lot of fun singing to them.

This week has been interesting we found a new family. They are going to church and the family's father became less active, but he came back to church last week. I also had interchanges with someone in my district and his name was Elder Duron.We took some pictures so I have a lot of pictures to show.

This week has been fast.One week goes by so fast it's crazy. I received my package and got everything that I need for the mission. I am almost a fourth of the way done through my mission and almost half way through the year as well. I also can't believe that Father's day was this week because the time goes by so fast. I felt like I called home for Mother's Day a week ago.

We were going to put a date with a family but it did not happen. They were not home on Sunday, but they did go to church. Yah! We are preparing a woman for her baptism that we have been working on for a while.She is still wanting to be baptized. It is so cool to see the progress that she has made.It is incredible. See you next week.

Elder Gurr
6/10/13 June 10th Elder David Gurr Honduras
Dear Family,

This week has come and gone. I feel like I wrote to you yesterday. I had been sick on and off so it has been a little hard, but now I feel better. We are still working hard with one family because we found out yesterday the father had a doubt about the authority that the church had.

This week we found a new family. The son is married and has not joined the church so they have been to church twice and they like what they see. We found out they came to church last week. We are starting to work with them so we can put a baptism date together soon. They might be our family we have been searching for.

One of the families, we visited have a father that was less active, but recently he came to church. He hasn't been there in a long time so that was cool to see him go back to church. We are still working with part or less active families and we are receiving references that are helping us a lot.

This is all I have to report. Sorry no pictures but I will try to take some soon. You have no idea how fast a week goes on a mission. Time doesn't make sense. I almost wrote something in Spanish so my Spanish is getting better. I can also talk to people and write to the mission president in Spanish a lot easier now.

Good bye love you all, will try to take pictures soon.
Love you all my family.

Elder Gurr
Elder Halversen and Elder Gurr, Honduras 6/3/13

06/03/13 June 3rd Elder David Gurr Honduras

Hello family,

How's it going? My week has been very interesting. I hope I have time to write all of it.

So this week I got a new companion. I am staying in the same area. My new companion is Elder Jamieson. He is a very hard worker and we had some very spiritual experiences these last four days.

Day one we went to go teach a family. They have been investigating for quite some time. They didn't have faith in tithing The wife asks questions but doesn't really listen to our answers. We taught them with my new companion. This was the first time that the man seemed interested. He might help his wife build a testimony.

On Sunday we went to go see another investigator. We have been teaching her on and off. The weirdest thing is she didn't seem interested when we met with her, but the spirit was so strong and I challenged her to baptism and she said she wanted to. I was shocked. She then told us she wanted to be baptized 5 years ago. We have been teaching her forever and my testimony has expounded so much it is crazy.

The same night after dinner at 8:00 pm the zone leaders said that he had a package for me. It was the package you sent. I received the filtered water bottles and the cards. Thanks for the package.

I have one more story, when we went to our lunch appointment and we got lost I was going the right way, but I felt like we were not so we walked around for awhile and then the spirit told me walk this way so we did. We found someone on the street who was interested to talking to the missionaries. He said he wants to go to the temple someday.

The spirit is incredible because the spirit told me where to find him. That was not by accident that was where we needed to be. I know my Savior lives!

Thanks for all the support. I love you all see you next week.

Elder David Gurr
Elder Gurr and Elder Rodriguez. Honduras 5/27/13

Typical Food in Honduras 5/27/13

Typical Food in Honduras 5/27/13

Typical Food in Honduras 5/27
5/27/13 May 27th Elder David Gurr

Hello Family,
Missionary work has been hard this week because of how hard the rain has been pouring. Our numbers are very low this week. My companion is district leader and he had two days where he interviewed a family to get baptized. The baptism is for next week but it is with other elders.

President Fortuna, the mission president, came to see the family baptism but it did not happen. My companion has been sick this week but he is better now. He is back on his feet. It's because the weather here has been really hot and cold.
Right now no one is progressing. We baptized all the progressing investigators. We plan on finding more people today because we don't really have good investigators right now.

This week an area of the seventy showed up and he told us that 80 percent of convert baptisms are in Latin America. His name is Elder Amado. He was at a conference for a part of the mission which lasted all day. I could understand most of what he was saying.
While we were walking we saw a pulperia named David. A pulperia is a small place like a 7'eleven but different because it's part of someone's house. Maybe one day I can take a picture of one so you can see. If we need food we go there. This week has been a little slow but hopefully we find more people to teach.

Elder Gurr

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Saturday, July 13, 2013

5/20/13 May 20th Elder David Gurr 

Wow it has been over a week since I called home, that is crazy! This week has been interesting. We had a baptism and that was the highlight of the week.

We went and visited a lot of less actives this week and were able to get 3 less active families to come to church which was so cool to see. The investigator that was baptized was very excited to be baptized and is continuing to be strong in the church. He is going to be a good member in the church.

This week has been hard to find people and we only have currently one investigator progressing but we are planning on finding new people. We had more lessons with less actives members. This was more of a less active week.

Things here are going good and I am excited to learn more Spanish. I am starting to understand people a lot better and understand the things I read and watch on DVD's. The mission here has been a little bit hot this week but besides that everything has been good here. The next change meeting is happening really soon in about a week or two.

The mission is going so fast I can't believe I am almost half way into the year. I am learning so much Spanish and the culture here. Thanks for all the support. Sorry not much happened this week. We only taught 7 lessons to investigators this week which is low but 9 to less actives which is high. We are ready and willing to find those who are ready to receive the gospel.

Thanks for all your support and everything. I love you all so very much see you next week.

Elder David Gurr

Monday, July 1, 2013

Elder David Gurr's shoes after 2 months walking in Honduras. Does your shoe shine include repairs? 5/13/13