Sunday, June 2, 2013

5/ 13/13 May 13th Elder David Gurr

Hello Family,

How are things going?  Here are some things that have happened this week.  One of the investigators just got his baptism interview and he is going to be baptized this Saturday.  He is ready to change his life and focus on doing what God wants him to do.  It is so cool to see him change and working hard to change his life around.

We found another new investigator who is married to a less active member.  She came to church the other day and it was so cool. She seems really interested to hear more about what we have to say.  She is very excited to know more about the church and if she is baptized then we complete a family.  On Monday we had a movie night which was the Testaments video in Spanish and we got to explain that the Book of Mormon takes place in America and how these two books complete each other with the same doctrine.  

We visit another sister, who we baptized two or three weeks ago, and she feeds us a lot of food.  She is very dedicated and invites her friends to come to her house and listen to the gospel.  

Another person we met was  going to be baptized but it never happened.  He went on vacation and the newer Elders didn't know who he was.  We found him and he loves the temple picture we gave him.  We should be talking with him very soon.

The last family seems to have some family unity problems and they are trying to fix it. We had the inspiration to help them see the benefit of Family Home Evening (FHE), so today we are going to bring them to a member and show them how much FHE can mean to them.  We are hoping to baptize them as our family for the month.

There were 24 baptisms the last Saturday in April.  This is high for any Zone in our mission.  42 baptisms and 5 families is the highest it has ever been.  The temperature here is getting hot with random rainy days so you never know.  We get up at 6:00 am to play soccer with members and its fun. Thanks for the support.  

Love you all like I said yesterday on Skype (Mother's Day). See you next week.

Elder Gurr
  The picture is food Elder David Gurr had one night.  It is vegetables with a taco shell.  It was delicious.  5/6/13

 The picture is food Elder David Gurr had one night. It is vegetables with a taco shell.  It was delicious.  5/6/13


5/6/13 May 6th Elder David Gurr Honduras

Hello my family. It has been another crazy week because we had a baptism.
We had an unexpected baptism.  Unfortunately I don't have pictures because I didn't bring my camera, but one of the elders has it.  I will try to get the picture soon.  He was baptized as soon as possible.  He was so happy, but before he went to the interview he was depressed.  It was so cool to see how much he changed.  He was ready to be baptized.  That was the highlight of the week.  It was a miracle and we fasted for him to be baptized.  I have a strong testimony that fasting is very helpful.  When we show are desire to fast the Lord pours out spirit.

I will be going to the temple tomorrow so I will try to take pictures but thanks for all the support and I will talk to you Mother's day. My family till then have fun be safe and I love you all.

Elder Gurr
Elder David Gurr washing clothes in Honduras.  4/29/13


Elder David Gurr at the LDS Meeting House in Honduras.  4/29/13