Sunday, July 13, 2014

Elder Gurr, Elder Dial, and new members in Tiloarque, Honduras.  7/7/2014

7/07/14 July 7th Elder Gurr

Hello family,
Ha, what a great week and also a funny one.  Here is a little bit of what happened.  So after I told you that on Sunday that one of our investigators wanted to get baptized we passed by her on Tuesday and we passed by the questions of the baptism interviews.  There was some things she did and we talked to the mission president but he said that not to worry and if she was fully repented she did not need and interview with the president. I was so happy because she is a great person.  So the next few days we invited everyone to attend her baptism. We then got to Saturday and we still were asking the zone leaders to give us clothes.  They gave them to the district leaders and we took them to the baptism.  Well that's the funny thing she was given clothes that were big to my companion.  Then when she tried to put them on they didn't fit.  It was super funny.  Also the other problem was the zipper didn't fit.  It was like are you kidding me?!  Super funny.  We ended up using the shirt of the little girl and putting it on the young woman right after the little girl got baptized and then vise versa.  It was the funniest ever.  It worked out in the end and on Sunday she was confirmed.  They are both super happy and I am happy to see their progression in the gospel.  That was great.  

Well the family we are working with is still working on their wedding so who knows when that will be done.  That's all I got. I have to get off but enjoy the photos.  

Elder Gurr


6/30/14 June 30th Elder Gurr

Hello family,

This week was nothing special but it was an awesome week. So here is what happened. With the families that we have baptisms we got 4 people and 1 is a family. It is super great  to see people progress.  Let's talk about the family first.  The family has been very good.  We passed by with them but they were not able to get the papers for their wedding because the wife got super sick but she is ok now.  The husband is doing good and loves to learn more about the gospel.  So here is the cool thing that happened with them.  We got to church and the husband was there before us at church. His wife didn't come but a miracle happened she came right after they passed the sacrament.  It was incredible.  They have plenty of attendance and now we are just waiting for them to be baptized.  

OK the other two that we have, a woman and her daughter were incredible.  She had surgery and when she came it was a miracle but wait it gets better. Sunday night she calls us and said she wants to be baptized this week.  We should baptize her this week and her daughter. That's all I have got so I am posting more photos through "". Love you all and see you next week.

Elder Gurr

6/23/14 June 23rd Elder Gurr

Hello family,
How are things going this time in the year? I can't believe it's almost been a year and a half.  Well, I got a lot to say so bare with me.  Let's just say it was a good week.  First we visited an investigator who is great but he needs to finalize his papers for the wedding that happened seven months ago.  The devil works hard to destroy the happiness of having a family.  We might have to remarry him because who knows what happened to their papers.  They have photos but of the legal photos they don't so we will see on him.   
One of our baptisms and her daughter that was going to be baptized well she had a bad accident.  She is pregnant and she, I guess, fell down and they operated on her thinking it could be three different things so the checked all of them but found nothing.  Remember in Honduras Health Centers are not the best so we gave her a blessing and she is in bed doing fine.  She is told she will be able to continue in about a week or two and she still wants to get baptized so we will practice patience and wait for her.

A funny story happened on Friday we were not having much success because the soccer game of Honduras was happening so we just went around in the night.  We called the bishop for information on a youth activity that was happening.  We had to run to the top of the mountain to invite an investigator and then he called us and said he couldn't.  God had a plan for us when we got there we got a reference from someone who told us there was a kid that wanted to be baptized.  It was a crazy experience.  He is super positive and we have plans to visit him this Tuesday. The people here are great and I love being closer to the church here in this area. That's all Folks.

Elder Gurr   


Elder Gurr with the Tizatillo Zone, Honduras. 6/9/14

6/16/14 June 16th Elder Gurr

Hello family,

I cant believe it was Father's day.  That was really fast.  Well I left Tizatillo for a new area called Tiloarque.  So we are starting all new here.  My companion's name is Elder Dial and he is from Utah.  The first companion from Utah and we had a lot of fun this week.

Well, I really don´t know too well the investigators so I will describe the area.  The area is more like a downtown area but it's got some beautiful parts.  It's crazy over here.  It's like the city but also its has some country to it.  It has sisters in the area so that makes it a little more safe because the president only sends sister missionaries to places where it is really safe for them.  So yah, I am excited for my area.  It's going to be so much fun.  The members are awesome here.  I have never seen so much animation for missionary work till I got here.  The members are crazy. There is this member who has a hawk, a few birds, a turtle, and a raccoon as a pet.  I think it's the first time I ever saw a raccoon in real life.  I want to pet him but I probably would get scratched.  I will get photos but it's hard to bring a camera because you know it is not easy to walk around with a camera. Well, just to have it out.

They pulled a prank that didn't go as good as they wanted it to go.  They said that they were Jehovah Witnesses and the problem was I saw a Honduras temple on their wall and my last companion talked to me about them so it didn't go as planned as they wanted it to.  They also brought out super huge pants that it was for a fat tall guy.  It was really funny because the pants were as tall as me.  Well I am loving the changes for now.  My companion is a great guy.  

Love you all and we will see what we got because the house we live in is like an apartment building.  We get told to be quiet at night but it is safe because there is always someone home.  Love you all.

Elder David Gurr
Elder David Gurr and President Furtuna at the Tegucigalpa, Honduras LDS Temple. 6/2/14

6/09/14 June 9th Elder Gurr

Hello Family,

Well it's time again to see if I go or if I stay in this area.  It has been a hard time working with these families but still helping them with a smile because I am probably not the one who is going to baptize them but eventually they will be baptized.  They are working hard for it to happen.  

First, one of the families, the father is great because he is working super hard to complete his divorce.  Apparently  he was never divorced in the first place but we will figure out more later.  Also the fact is that we can't control too much but we did bring a lawyer along and she wants to help them to be baptized.  First time a lesson took 2 hours and 15 minutes. They may not be baptized till next month and all we are teaching now is profound doctrine.  It gets insane when you learn something new when all the basic doctrine is done.  This family has the biggest testimony I have ever seen.  They will be great members when they can.  That's is the story with them.

The story with the other family we are working with is the fact that well, we really can't invite him because he gets offended to easily.  But he is opening up to us more so we will see.  I think that some time in the future maybe he can build his testimony more. The sister is ready and we have a plan to invite just her to be baptized soon so we will see.  Everything else is going good though.

The third family the father needs to be divorced and the fact is he is not really working to find out all about it.  He went to church once and then he looked hard for work and he works every day almost all day except Sunday. So we don't know what more we can do.

Well I have to go. I will take pictures of the new house and send them next week. Love you all. 

Elder Gurr

Elder David Gurr in the driver's seat. 6/2/14 

Elder Gurr and Elder Ochoa at the Tegucigalpa, Honduras LDS Temple. 6/2/14

6/02/14 June 2nd Elder Gurr

Hola familia,

How are things going?  This week we went to a family investigating the church and they are OK but the problem is that we can't really invite him to be baptized because for a time he even wasn't listening to us.  He is good but the problem is that we need to let him make the decision for himself because he gets offended too much.  We will continue to follow him and hopefully one day he will make that decision.  

The story with another family is that the father is still fixing something with his divorce so we really can't do much.   He said that he would talk to his lawyer, but that it's going to take some time before it can be done.  He says maybe next week but we will see.  They are still very positive and I know they will get baptized.  I just fear that I will be gone before that, but I am not building my kingdom but the kingdom of God.  These families I know will one day partake of baptism.  The man always looks like a stake patriarch to me.  I know that what we are doing is hard but it will be all worth it for him.  

I love the understanding I am receiving every day.  Also, we have recently found a lady who seems more interested then I have ever seen in my life. She asked us questions that she did not understand and asked us about the Book of Mormon and why we don't drink coffee and stuff like that.  She is golden! I am not kidding.

Well, not much else progressing but I do have photos.  Enjoy and I love you all.  

Elder Gurr

5/26/14 May 26th Elder Gurr

Hello family,

Wow it has been one of the best weeks here on the mission.  It has been really good. One of our investigators asked us if we could come by today so we will see what will happen. It's because this week he wasn't really talking to us.  Then we took him to the temple in Tegucigalpa and he said that he liked it a lot.  He then came to church with a smile on his face.  He loved it and asked us to pass by like I said before.  Who knows he might ask us to baptize him.  Who knows?  

Also good news the zone leaders finally left they are now living at the bottom of the house.  So everything is so much better now. Things are moving along.  

Also we talked to a family investigating the church and they said that they will get their papers ready to be married.  They are the most positive family I have ever seen. They understand the doctrine very well, better than most people even new missionaries.  They are 100% sure this is the true church.  We hope to baptize them before the end of the change it would be a first family baptism.  Not much else. The thing is this all happened yesterday.  

I think God likes to test our faith a lot because it has never been this hard on the mission till now.  I keep praying the time will go slower.  This is my report because it was a hard week to find new people but at least we have two families in sacrament meeting.  It is incredible! Well I have to go time goes by fast.  Love you all and happy birthday to Shannon and James. Happy Mother's day mom.

Elder Gurr 
Elder David Gurr in new apartment in Tizatillo, Honduras.

Moving Day in Tizatillo, Honduras.

Kitchen in new apartment in Tizatillo, Honduras.

5/19/14 May 19th Elder Gurr

Hello family,

Wow!  The story I read about what happened in San Diego with the fires was crazy.  I think for this week it has been the most rewarding and the hardest part of my mission. Well the family that I said that they would be baptized on the 17th, well the father has a lot of problems that he has to clear up.  He is not ready and doesn't have a desire to repent but we are going to work hard so that he can feel that he has repented of all of his sins through the atonement.  If he gets baptized it is because he wants to follow Christ, but right now he doesn´t and we can´t make him do anything he doesn´t want to.   All we can do is just help him understand.  Also, I do have good news the family that we had a hard time finding came to church. It was awesome.  They want to learn about repentance and baptism. They were very hard at first but now they are making progress. They like to joke with us like we are their friends.  
The other family that we worked with is ready but the father needs to fix things from his previous divorce to be married with his girlfriend.  He said it could take another month but he will try to get it done as fast as he can.  They believe in what we teach and I could see the guy as a stake patriarch.  He is that good.  
It has been a hard and fun week here in Honduras. This is my report to you all.  Also, I was thinking about what is gross here that I ate.  Well, I always get a drink of oatmeal in water and that is really gross.

Love you all and thanks for the update.

Elder Gurr    

5/12/14 May 12th Elder Gurr

Hello family,

It's another week here.  We are busy getting ready to baptize one of our families that is investigating the church.  Also it was fun seeing you all again.  It was a shocking call to here that I am going to need to leave a change earlier to make it to college. 6 months will go by really fast.  We are also working with others and we have two other families that we want to baptize as well.  It has been hard but if they were not hard we could not find people who could progress in the gospel.  Other things that are happing well we went contacting people in a new area we haven't been working in.  We do not know what will happen but more will come soon.  

We were also able to find a new family that we are going to work with.  They seem to be shy but I think we can help them.  The area is a lot of fun to explore.  It's like working in the middle of nowhere but with tons of people who are somewhat hard to contact. The people over all in Honduras are kind.  It has definitely been a hard journey and I think I am going to take more photos with the zone leaders.  Well it's time for me to go.  Love you all and will be seeing you very soon. Love you all. 

Elder Gurr