Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hello Family,
I live in a house in the Comayaguela area. It is a small house. We are in the city where there are big hills to climb and it feels like hiking 10 miles a day. The people here are very interesting because when Honduras was playing soccer and they scored a goal and you would hear firecrackers go off and the the whole area is screaming GOOOOOALLLLLLL!. Over all the people here are very nice and friendly.  I like my companion.

For water, we get a 5 gallon water Jug that has purified water but we also have a water purifier which we always use to make sure. The food here is good.  They serve chicken, rice, and beans.  They have this cake that comes with milk in it and its ok but i would not buy it. Last night we had this meal where it was a potato crisp with potato inside and vegatbles inside. It was very good. Overall I only had one meal that I did not like but most of the food here is good. I do miss eating corndogs.

Here is what happened the past 2 weeks. We taught a man that loves reading the book of mormon and has almost quit smoking.  I can't wait to show a picture of him at his baptism. These 2 weeks have been really good. We are working hard talking to less actives and getting them excited to want to go back to chruch. The only thing that is hard is climbing those mountains.  I will try to get a picture of the top of the stairs we climb, it goes really high. 

This week we also met a new investigator who seems really interested and has asked us a bunch of questions. She seems really positive and willing to learn more. We have three baptisms set for this next month. It is tough at times because I don't know what people say but I am learning a lot here. They say that you pick it up really good in three months. I am picking up simple phrases people say though.

The interesting thing here is that the ward mission leader is an 18 year old man. So much diffrent than at home. There is also no piano playing in sacrament, its all acapella. The last time someone played the piano during our singing he was 16 and he played really good. 

Days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days. I feel like I was was here yesterday writing you a letter but most of the week felt like it was dragging so it's interesting. Days go fast and slow here. We had a day where we did contacting all day which was difficult because of how much we walked up hills. Overall the weeks were good.

Now everyone is gone and the streets are not as crowded like New York. This week is spring break and most people here don't stay, even the workers take a week off. A lot of businesses are not open. This week will be tough but we will try our best to talk to new people and have new "investigadores".

Have a good week everyone.

Write to you next week.

Elder Gurr

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