Monday, July 15, 2013

6/17/13 June 17th Elder David Gurr Honduras

This week has been interesting. I was in a choir last Sunday and I got to sing to a bunch of investigators. It was insane! The thing was that we had investigators come to this big activity at the temple. We had a lot of fun singing to them.

This week has been interesting we found a new family. They are going to church and the family's father became less active, but he came back to church last week. I also had interchanges with someone in my district and his name was Elder Duron.We took some pictures so I have a lot of pictures to show.

This week has been fast.One week goes by so fast it's crazy. I received my package and got everything that I need for the mission. I am almost a fourth of the way done through my mission and almost half way through the year as well. I also can't believe that Father's day was this week because the time goes by so fast. I felt like I called home for Mother's Day a week ago.

We were going to put a date with a family but it did not happen. They were not home on Sunday, but they did go to church. Yah! We are preparing a woman for her baptism that we have been working on for a while.She is still wanting to be baptized. It is so cool to see the progress that she has made.It is incredible. See you next week.

Elder Gurr

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