Sunday, April 28, 2013

4/15/13 April 15th Elder David Gurr Honduras
Hello again my family,

This week went by so fast.  It has been tough because my companion has been very sick throughout the week.  This week there were two baptisms.  They we baptized on Friday at 7:00 pm and then confirmed on Sunday.  Every time I see them they bring joy to my soul and I am so happy.  This week has been very good to me.  Not much new happened, but we found 4 new investigators.  They all seem really positive and we are going to be working with them.  They have never gone to a church which is good for us because they are interested.  It is like teaching people who have never heard of it.  

We have two progressing investigators. One still has smoking problems, but we are working hard with him to help him to stop and we are thinking about giving him a blessing. He loves the book of Mormon and believes it.  He found this out by himself and he just has one thing stopping him.  He says he wants to be able not to smoke anymore before getting baptized.  He is trying his best.

 One of the investigators has never gone to church before and religion is all new to him but he has family that is helping him along.  We invited him to the last two baptisms and he came to both. He showed up late to the first one but the other he came early.  After the baptism service we asked him what did you think about the baptism and he said that he loved it and he wants to put a baptism date, not next week, but soon.  He says that he feels like he is almost ready.

When you are working hard on a mission time goes by fast. Studying is becoming easier to me than it used to be.  Sometimes I wish we had more time to study, so I am happy right now.  I can understand some parts about what people ask me and say to me and it is getting way better.  I am still working on talking and my goal is to try to say something in Spanish to as many people as possible.  It’s not easy, but the language is simplified a lot. For example: Will you pray?=Orar√†? Sometimes it takes a lot of words to say a simple sentence in English.  

My Spanish is improving and I hope to be able to carry on conversations in about a month and a half.  Sometimes it’s hard to write in English because the way you say things in Spanish is different.  So sometimes I don’t write correctly.  I am trying to think in Spanish.  I sometimes think in Spanish.  It’s funny.  I am working hard, studying hard, and enjoying the mission. Love you all and write to you next week.

Elder Gurr

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