Sunday, April 21, 2013

4/8/13 April 8th Elder David Gurr Honduras
Hello to everyone.


I am sorry I didn’t write much but the keyboards here are hard to work with plus everything I see is in Spanish and tells me everything I write is wrong.  Anyways, how are things going?  This week is way better because there are 2 baptisms happening this week.  This week was interesting because we heard that a missionary in Tegucigalpa died, but we found out it was a spread rumor and there is nothing to worry now.  Anyways we had a service project this week and we helped build a house and you can see pictures of Honduras which is hard to show because it’s unsafe to have a camera out.  You can see some of the pictures that I have of the area.


This week was General Conference and we got to watch it in English which was a relief to me because I thought how I am going to understand General Conference.  This week understanding the people is getting better mainly because people ask the same questions: Where are you from? How are you? How’s it going?  I am able to respond faster. The 6 week companion change is almost over but the training is 12 weeks. I have my companion for about 7 more weeks and most likely I will be staying here because my companion was trained for 18 weeks then he was sent to train me so for a total of 30 weeks he will be here.  


I am slowly getting to know the members more and some of the members are interested in helping me out with speaking. There is this one sister in the ward working on Spanish and she helps translate and it helps so much.  We also have Burger King, Little Caesars, and other things so I don’t have to miss those places.  We go there once a week and it’s great.


I sent some pictures of our service project.  The service project was to collect rocks and we filled this big hole with dirt and rocks so they can level the house.  I heard they have been building this house for a few months now.  It’s hard to find service projects here because people don’t trust us or think we have other motives or something, but they don’t like getting help from others.  


The time we can use for email now is 50 minutes and we can email our old friends, which started the first week here.  I am slowly picking up Spanish and this week I have the privilege of baptizing one of the investigators and I cannot wait. My first one ever to baptize and it’s in Spanish, in Central America!  I am happy because the computer’s USB works and I can send pictures. I love you all and will write to you next week.



Elder Gurr

Area: 21 de Febrero, Comayagüela, Honduras

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