Sunday, August 11, 2013

6/24/13 June 24th Elder David Gurr Honduras


Hello Family,

Here is the week. We had a lot going on. We baptized an investigator and she was so happy to go the waters of baptism. She was so excited!  I had a photo but the computer here corrupted it so I will try to get a picture with her another day.  This week, work wise has been a little slow but we put a date with two other investigators. We got 4 contacts on Tuesday and we found a less active member.  

We were walking and I noticed a house and the spirit told me to knock on the door of that house.  It was really cool because we brought her to church but the problem is she didn't have friends so she hasn't been in church for 10 years.  Now she is ready to come back to church. She actually thanked us for coming by and she said she will try to go back to the church all the time. It is really cool.  
Later the ward had a talent show and we had 40 contacts from the show, which was really cool.  We are going to contact them all very soon. It is going to be a great week. We also saw the missionary broadcast.  It was so cool to watch.  They want the members to do the finding not us. Yes that is important because knocking doors is not the best way to find people.

Elder Gurr

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