Sunday, August 11, 2013

7/8/2013 July 8th Elder David Gurr Honduras


Hello Family,

This has been a very interesting week because here is what we did. We have been looking for new people and Havier, who is a member here and just got his mission call to El Salvador, gave us a referral we could work with.  We weren't able to find him so we decided to visit another investigator and we found two girls that heard that we were going to start teaching English classes. Then we started talking about the church because one asked why our name is Elder and the other asked about the temple that was built here recently.  We are planning on teaching them because they really seemed interested.  

For the fourth of July we made hamburgers and fries. It was a fun day.  Then on Sunday we went to a member's house to eat food because it was Elder Agundez's (in our district) birthday.  We had the best American meal that I have had here.   The meat that she had was incredible and she bought this really good tasting cake.  It was a fun Sunday. Then later we saw a member and she asked us if we could give a blessing to a sister who's less active because the doctor thinks that she has a tumor. The blessing didn't promise her that there is nothing wrong but she needs to rely on the Lord and they will be able to get through it.  This week has been crazy and I hope that everyone else is having a great week see you all next week.

Elder Gurr

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