Sunday, August 11, 2013

7/15/2013  July 15th Elder David Gurr Honduras

Wow, this week has been incredible and magnificent. First I am still in the same area and with the same companion, but some things were interesting.

I can't remember when but we had a day where we saw some kids playing jump rope.  We decided to play to get the adults attention.  They got a good laugh from us, but they went inside.  We had fun anyway and did make the kids there have a lot of fun, too.
Then it seemed like nothing was happening, so we went to dinner.  Before I say what happened I was really excited to go to work and after hearing one of the mission presidents speak.  I said we are going to find someone really positive.  
We went to go walk to dinner then all of the sudden a man about the height of my 13 year old brother came to us and asked, "Are you missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?" We said, "Yes", and he said that he loved the church and would be baptized. We were shocked and got his address.  God has given us miracles.

We have also contacted people from their doors and one lady wanted us to come back because she wanted to be baptized. It's crazy because one day it seems like your area is finished, but then God starts preparing people and getting them ready to hear the message of the restoration.  I love the work and I am learning a lot.
One last thing the Zone leaders had a baptism but what happened was the 13 year old kid had friends in another church.  He wanted to be baptized and it looked like he wasn't going to be baptized because his answer seemed like no.  We decided to pray to help him to choose the right, then the Zone leaders phone rang and someone told them he's not coming.  We told everyone no more baptisms, but as we left the other missionaries yelled for us to come back and said he came.  There he was, he had made his decision because we had prayed.

Prayer is very powerful.  Prayer can affect your future.  I urge all of you to pray for help. The Lord can help you. I love you all. See you next week.

 Elder Gurr

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