Monday, September 2, 2013

8/12/2013 August 12th Elder David Gurr

Hello Family,
This week has been good because we are teaching this family but the problem is that we can't baptize them until they get a marriage license.  We are helping them with the paperwork.  We are working on that and in about a month we can baptize them.
All the missionaries are asked to read the Book of Mormon and to read Preach My Gospel during our 1-hour of personal study time. It has been really effective for me to do that.

On Thursday we had another power outage and it went on and off about 7 times.  It was hard to decide to go out because we were wondering "Is it safe to go outside or not?" Then on Friday was the biggest flood I had ever seen. There was a river blocking us from going to the church and it hailed.  It was incredible!

On Saturday the other Elders had a baptism and it was interesting because we invited no one because the kid was afraid of water and almost the whole ward showed up.  Then we had to usher them out because he was petrified.  Now he is a member and he can feel the Holy Ghost inside of him. It took about a half an hour to dunk him. :)   He is happy he did it but I think he doesn't want to be near water anymore.  
On Sunday we had an important appointment with a family that is investigating the church.  During the visit the Father in his prayer thanked the Lord that we came and he is excited for his baptism on August 24th.  We have a goal this week to find 3 new families because we are working hard to find new people. I love you all. Thanks for the support.
Elder Gurr

"Como Hágalo"

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