Monday, September 2, 2013

8/5/2013 August 5th Elder David Gurr

Hello Family,

Hello everyone this week has come and gone again. Here are some things that happened this week. On Tuesday we were walking when we saw someone trying to move some rocks to turn on their water valve. He was interested in our message but he lives in another part of town. He comes here a lot, especially Sundays.
Later we were teaching an investigator and her brother came in and we talked to him to build a relationship.  Then on Thursday we went to a member's home and we taught her less active husband. He came to church which was really cool.  Later we were walking home when we saw someone ask us to come to her house to take back a few Book of Mormons. She had a 1950 Edition of the Book of Mormon in Spanish. The pictures in there were incredible.

On Friday we helped a kid we found with firewood and brought it to his house. The Dad wasn't interested but he thanked us for helping his son bring firewood to his home.  Then we found someone knocking doors and we found out he was a Baptist and he was interested to learn anything and everything about Christ.  We asked him if he knew that Jesus Christ came to America and he was shocked and said no.  We gave him the book and he promised to read it because he wants to know everything Christ did.  He loves to follow him which was a strong testimony builder for me and it makes me want to know more as well. 
On Saturday we gave gifts to some recent converts.  We gave them the triple combination (Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, Doctrine and Covenants), the Bible and also a hymn book they use.  They need their own hymn book because the churches don't have it. They buy it for less than $.50 I think.  I gave one of the new members my pen and she thanked me. It was a purple pen.

Another family that we have been working hard with, that is investigating the church now has a baptism date for August 24, 2013.
I am out of time till next time.

Elder Gurr

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