Sunday, July 13, 2014

5/19/14 May 19th Elder Gurr

Hello family,

Wow!  The story I read about what happened in San Diego with the fires was crazy.  I think for this week it has been the most rewarding and the hardest part of my mission. Well the family that I said that they would be baptized on the 17th, well the father has a lot of problems that he has to clear up.  He is not ready and doesn't have a desire to repent but we are going to work hard so that he can feel that he has repented of all of his sins through the atonement.  If he gets baptized it is because he wants to follow Christ, but right now he doesn´t and we can´t make him do anything he doesn´t want to.   All we can do is just help him understand.  Also, I do have good news the family that we had a hard time finding came to church. It was awesome.  They want to learn about repentance and baptism. They were very hard at first but now they are making progress. They like to joke with us like we are their friends.  
The other family that we worked with is ready but the father needs to fix things from his previous divorce to be married with his girlfriend.  He said it could take another month but he will try to get it done as fast as he can.  They believe in what we teach and I could see the guy as a stake patriarch.  He is that good.  
It has been a hard and fun week here in Honduras. This is my report to you all.  Also, I was thinking about what is gross here that I ate.  Well, I always get a drink of oatmeal in water and that is really gross.

Love you all and thanks for the update.

Elder Gurr    

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