Sunday, July 13, 2014

6/02/14 June 2nd Elder Gurr

Hola familia,

How are things going?  This week we went to a family investigating the church and they are OK but the problem is that we can't really invite him to be baptized because for a time he even wasn't listening to us.  He is good but the problem is that we need to let him make the decision for himself because he gets offended too much.  We will continue to follow him and hopefully one day he will make that decision.  

The story with another family is that the father is still fixing something with his divorce so we really can't do much.   He said that he would talk to his lawyer, but that it's going to take some time before it can be done.  He says maybe next week but we will see.  They are still very positive and I know they will get baptized.  I just fear that I will be gone before that, but I am not building my kingdom but the kingdom of God.  These families I know will one day partake of baptism.  The man always looks like a stake patriarch to me.  I know that what we are doing is hard but it will be all worth it for him.  

I love the understanding I am receiving every day.  Also, we have recently found a lady who seems more interested then I have ever seen in my life. She asked us questions that she did not understand and asked us about the Book of Mormon and why we don't drink coffee and stuff like that.  She is golden! I am not kidding.

Well, not much else progressing but I do have photos.  Enjoy and I love you all.  

Elder Gurr

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