Sunday, July 13, 2014

6/09/14 June 9th Elder Gurr

Hello Family,

Well it's time again to see if I go or if I stay in this area.  It has been a hard time working with these families but still helping them with a smile because I am probably not the one who is going to baptize them but eventually they will be baptized.  They are working hard for it to happen.  

First, one of the families, the father is great because he is working super hard to complete his divorce.  Apparently  he was never divorced in the first place but we will figure out more later.  Also the fact is that we can't control too much but we did bring a lawyer along and she wants to help them to be baptized.  First time a lesson took 2 hours and 15 minutes. They may not be baptized till next month and all we are teaching now is profound doctrine.  It gets insane when you learn something new when all the basic doctrine is done.  This family has the biggest testimony I have ever seen.  They will be great members when they can.  That's is the story with them.

The story with the other family we are working with is the fact that well, we really can't invite him because he gets offended to easily.  But he is opening up to us more so we will see.  I think that some time in the future maybe he can build his testimony more. The sister is ready and we have a plan to invite just her to be baptized soon so we will see.  Everything else is going good though.

The third family the father needs to be divorced and the fact is he is not really working to find out all about it.  He went to church once and then he looked hard for work and he works every day almost all day except Sunday. So we don't know what more we can do.

Well I have to go. I will take pictures of the new house and send them next week. Love you all. 

Elder Gurr

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