Sunday, July 13, 2014

7/07/14 July 7th Elder Gurr

Hello family,
Ha, what a great week and also a funny one.  Here is a little bit of what happened.  So after I told you that on Sunday that one of our investigators wanted to get baptized we passed by her on Tuesday and we passed by the questions of the baptism interviews.  There was some things she did and we talked to the mission president but he said that not to worry and if she was fully repented she did not need and interview with the president. I was so happy because she is a great person.  So the next few days we invited everyone to attend her baptism. We then got to Saturday and we still were asking the zone leaders to give us clothes.  They gave them to the district leaders and we took them to the baptism.  Well that's the funny thing she was given clothes that were big to my companion.  Then when she tried to put them on they didn't fit.  It was super funny.  Also the other problem was the zipper didn't fit.  It was like are you kidding me?!  Super funny.  We ended up using the shirt of the little girl and putting it on the young woman right after the little girl got baptized and then vise versa.  It was the funniest ever.  It worked out in the end and on Sunday she was confirmed.  They are both super happy and I am happy to see their progression in the gospel.  That was great.  

Well the family we are working with is still working on their wedding so who knows when that will be done.  That's all I got. I have to get off but enjoy the photos.  

Elder Gurr


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