Sunday, July 13, 2014

6/23/14 June 23rd Elder Gurr

Hello family,
How are things going this time in the year? I can't believe it's almost been a year and a half.  Well, I got a lot to say so bare with me.  Let's just say it was a good week.  First we visited an investigator who is great but he needs to finalize his papers for the wedding that happened seven months ago.  The devil works hard to destroy the happiness of having a family.  We might have to remarry him because who knows what happened to their papers.  They have photos but of the legal photos they don't so we will see on him.   
One of our baptisms and her daughter that was going to be baptized well she had a bad accident.  She is pregnant and she, I guess, fell down and they operated on her thinking it could be three different things so the checked all of them but found nothing.  Remember in Honduras Health Centers are not the best so we gave her a blessing and she is in bed doing fine.  She is told she will be able to continue in about a week or two and she still wants to get baptized so we will practice patience and wait for her.

A funny story happened on Friday we were not having much success because the soccer game of Honduras was happening so we just went around in the night.  We called the bishop for information on a youth activity that was happening.  We had to run to the top of the mountain to invite an investigator and then he called us and said he couldn't.  God had a plan for us when we got there we got a reference from someone who told us there was a kid that wanted to be baptized.  It was a crazy experience.  He is super positive and we have plans to visit him this Tuesday. The people here are great and I love being closer to the church here in this area. That's all Folks.

Elder Gurr   


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