Sunday, July 13, 2014

5/26/14 May 26th Elder Gurr

Hello family,

Wow it has been one of the best weeks here on the mission.  It has been really good. One of our investigators asked us if we could come by today so we will see what will happen. It's because this week he wasn't really talking to us.  Then we took him to the temple in Tegucigalpa and he said that he liked it a lot.  He then came to church with a smile on his face.  He loved it and asked us to pass by like I said before.  Who knows he might ask us to baptize him.  Who knows?  

Also good news the zone leaders finally left they are now living at the bottom of the house.  So everything is so much better now. Things are moving along.  

Also we talked to a family investigating the church and they said that they will get their papers ready to be married.  They are the most positive family I have ever seen. They understand the doctrine very well, better than most people even new missionaries.  They are 100% sure this is the true church.  We hope to baptize them before the end of the change it would be a first family baptism.  Not much else. The thing is this all happened yesterday.  

I think God likes to test our faith a lot because it has never been this hard on the mission till now.  I keep praying the time will go slower.  This is my report because it was a hard week to find new people but at least we have two families in sacrament meeting.  It is incredible! Well I have to go time goes by fast.  Love you all and happy birthday to Shannon and James. Happy Mother's day mom.

Elder Gurr 

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