Friday, December 5, 2014

10/06/14 October 6th Elder Gurr

Hello Family,

This week has been amazing because we brought another family to church. The investigator's husband is a member who is active in the church. She came to conference with her son and they enjoyed it. They loved how it was mainly focused on Christ and she said she loved it. I talked to her son and he said the same thing so we might baptize them at the end of this month making it the 3rd family in this area. I hope I can finish here because there is so much opportunity here.  I don't have much more news but the new family is the big news right now. They were raised Catholic and believed we worshipped Joseph Smith but her husband finally shared to her what we believe and since then it has been a blessing.   

I would tell people that missionary work is easier when the missionaries have help because people are likely to be hard hearted when they don't understand.  Well it's been fun. I can't wait to see you all again. It has been really fun this year and can't wait to see how much there is left on mu mission.  Love you all.   

Elder Gurr

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