Friday, December 5, 2014

10/13/14 October 13th Elder Gurr

Hello family,

This week has been really fast. You have no idea.  I felt like I just wrote an hour ago. Sorry it's a little late but it is here.  Well this week we cleaned up the house because we decided that we could not live in the filth that we had so we got the apartment clean.  We visited one of our investigators and she is more than ready to be baptized and it would complete another family in the gospel. She believes in everything we say because I believe it's the spirit testifying to her.  I really hope we don't have changes this week because I feel I can work with this companion really great.  Well also her son is progressing really well.  Also this week we met her other son who wants to get married to a member and wants to join the church. Another easy family to complete.

I have never seen miracles like I have seen now.  It is super crazy. I pray that I can finish my mission here because this area is awesome. Yah some people are mean but for the most part they are not. The ones who reject this now will hopefully get a chance in the future.  Elder Welch and I are working hard.  Don't get me wrong we get rejected almost all day but I know if you keep working it will happen in the end.  I love you all and I will email you next week.

Elder Gurr

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