Friday, December 5, 2014

10/27/14 October 27th Elder Gurr

Hello family,

Well it's been an interesting week because I got new book covers for my scriptures. They are awesome and I will send you pictures of it next week. It has a picture of people like Captain Moroni and the Temple and more. They came out really good.

We baptized our investigator. She has a strong testimony and she is ready to help the rest of her family, her two sons, come to their decision and be baptized as well. The best part is that one of her sons wants to be baptized and is dating a member.  Yes another family for the next month.

This has been a crazy week. Something did happen though. Don't have a heart attack but someone stole our phone.  Don't worry they didn´t hurt us or anything we just left the phone on the ground and someone picked it up and stole it. Everything is ok and the office is going to get us a new cell phone. We are blessed that we never saw him and i know that God is protecting us. Continue to pray for me and don't worry the safety is normally fine. This i think was the first time getting ´´robbed´´ on my mission. Funny it wasn´t that bad.

One of the Elders is really sick so to help their companionship one of us stays with the Elder and the other goes out to work with the other Elder so that they can have some support. It should be a good experience. You even serve other missionaries on your mission. Well that is all that really happened and it has been a fun week. Enjoy the pictures and that makes 3 families baptized. I love it. 

Love you all and I will see you next week.
Elder Gurr

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