Friday, December 5, 2014

11/03/14 November 3rd Elder Gurr

Hello family,

This week went by super fast again. It wasn't full of activities but it was still good. The Elder who is sick, (his name is Elder Santos) has a problem with his face that has put him out of work for 1 week.  His left side of his nerve on his face just stopped working. The doctors are helping him fix the problem. I stayed with him Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.  He is doing better and says he should be able to recover soon.  Pray for him and his face to get better because he is training a new person.  

In our area things have been going crazy.  On Wednesday we had to find or meet 10 people because it was a challenge from the mission president.  He challenged us to do this for this month.  For us as elders it's hard because usually there are only women in the house and it is hard to find men there.  We went contacting in a mall shack like place were almost everyone there eats.  One guy contacted us and he said that he wants to attend our church sometime and he was from the states and he worked at places like Applebee's. He was sent back because he was driving without a license more than 3 times but his was legal. He needs to wait 3 years before he can go back. He has a wife and 2 kids there, He said we could pass by him soon.  

One of our recent converts is bringing her son to church.  He came yesterday so everything is good there.  He will complete a family if they want to get married before his baptism.  Either way he will be married but maybe a month before he does he will be baptized.  We will see what they can do and maybe teach him the importance of being married before baptism. Her other son is having troubles because he is not able to make up his mind and he kind of feels connected with the Catholic church.  He says he will continue to work on getting things done and doing his part to receive an answer.
Finally I got to go out with one of the new missionaries in exchanges. It was super fun because I was the only one who could understand what the investigator was saying. It reminds me of all the hard trials I went through to be able to speak the language. Their investigator didn't want to go to church yesterday because he had other things to do so I told him to put a plan to go to church and then he will be blessed by it.  Well I got to go.  

I love you all!

Elder Gurr

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