Sunday, December 21, 2014

12/01/14 December 1st Elder Gurr

Hello family,
Yes I am still here.  So this week has been crazy because we thought we were not able to complete appointment with several investigators.  The thing was we passed by 3 people and they kept telling us they were busy, but then out of nowhere they came to church and they were more willing for us to pass by this coming Tuesday.  The Mom and her two daughters are investigating the church.  The girls are wanting to get baptized, just the mom doesn´t have an answer yet.  She is a positive person just the fact is she just needs more time.  

We have another investigator who is super great but his parents do not want him to go to church.  His parents won't even let us talk to him but he does and he seems willing to go to church and has friends there.  

Well not much more happened this week but we will see who we could baptize the 25th because it would be really cool to do that. We also have another investigator who is very positive that came to church finally.  He looks to me that he could get baptized the 20th or the 25th. We will see about that. That's all I have its been a great area here and I am glad to be finishing here. I feel like this is my ward. Well, see you next week 

Elder Gurr


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