Sunday, December 21, 2014

12/08/14 December 8th Elder Gurr

Hello Family,
Wow another week has gone by so fast!  We found this guy and he was great and he had a question about which is the true church.  The spirit was strong in that lesson but we found out in the end he has work so he can't attend church.  Maybe in the future when he doesn't have work he can get baptized.  We are working with another investigator and the work is still hard because he needs his friends to pass by to give him a ride.  We will set that up for him.  Our baptism for the 20th is still progressing.  We watched the video found on with her and she liked it.  It's a great video to check out for this Christmas.  

We are also teaching this less active member and he went to church, but he fell back into the temptation of alcohol.  It sucks to see that but we hope for a Christmas miracle.  
We are also teaching another investigator and we have challenged him to get baptized on the 20th.  We will see if he can be baptized because he still hasn't received an answer that he should be baptized, but he is studying hard and we believe he will be able to do that.  We pray that he can receive an answer.

Also we picked up a new family and they are great.  The Dad has gone to church for 10 Sundays straight and we were able to meet him.  He wants to get baptized but not because his wife is a member but to really know if the church is true.  We also found another part member family and the problem is the wife thinks that we worship Joseph Smith but it's not true.  We are trying to help her understand the church has the same foundation as the church of Christ of the old days.  We have an appointment Wednesday to see if we can help her understand.  
Well that's all I got for this week hope you enjoyed it. 

Elder Gurr




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