Sunday, October 5, 2014

09/22/14 September 22nd Elder Gurr

Hello family,

How are things going?  It has been really fun here this week.  We have been having a lot of success.  Well it was sad because one of our investigators went out with his friends and tripped up on the word of wisdom.   It was a really sad day also because we were not able to work much because my companion was really sick yesterday.  He threw up like 10 to 20 times the last 3 days, but I think he is doing better.  Everything is good with our investigating family.  I saw the husband just this morning and he has his wedding papers ready today.  We will be able to baptize them soon.  The other investigators we have are very positive as well and if we baptize both we can complete 2 families because the mom has a spouse that is a member and her son has a girlfriend that is a member. It has been a really fun week. The week has gone by so fast.  We are going to have tons of things to do this week its incredible.  Love you all see you next week.

Elder Gurr

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