Sunday, October 5, 2014

7/21/14 July 21st Elder Gurr

Hello family,

So I am down to about 5 months left on my mission.  Super crazy!  It's been hard but a lot of fun coming to Tiloarque. We might have changes in two days but my companion Elder Dial keeps saying, "No, you will stay here one more change!". It's been really close with our family baptism.  He is going to again get his wedding papers and he should be baptized in the coming weeks.  Maybe we can marry them close to mom and dad's anniversary. Crazy Stuff!

Well here is a little that happened this week. We did a family home evening and it was super fun.  The family loved it. They are working hard and could get their papers in really soon.  A funny thing happened because the word jail and in-grown toenail is about the same. I told someone that I had my nails in jail and not ingrown toenails. They laughed so hard.  A funny thing also we had a meeting during our planning for the week then one of the Elders took the keys to a Bishop so he locked us in and he said he would come back in time. So we waited also having Chili dogs to eat and he didn't come for a long time.  We ended up playing phase 10 till 3:30 in the afternoon. It was fun but one elder was like were never getting out.  I told him just to be a man and someone will come. There is always kids playing soccer here.  

On Friday we took a family that is investigating the church to the temple. They were great and they loved to go to the temple with us. We walked in the front and we showed them the proclamation to the world and with the peace in the temple it was a good atmosphere because here it's not hard to hear some type of music playing in the background but the temple is very peaceful.  

Then Saturday was our busiest day we found a ton of new contacts and contacted like crazy. We received references that we contacted and it was a day I was really proud of. Then on Sunday a family we were working with came to church.  We could baptize about 4 people from their family but we are just waiting when it could be.  I love learning patience.  It helps me learn to be humble and I love talking to the members and those investigating the church.

Well, that all I got. I love you all and letters should come in the mail just waiting for the change date to hand them to the elders in the office. Love you all and write to you next week-

Elder David Gurr

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