Sunday, October 5, 2014

09/29/14 September 29th Elder Gurr

Hello Family,

This week has been great! We baptized three people.  It was super awesome because they all had strong testimonies. It's really cool because they have worked super hard to get to where they are.  Each bore their testimony and had their hearts changed.

Let's start with Emanuel, we find out that he was a big leader in a different church.  He was as high as a bishop would be. He told us though that one day he got into a horrible accident and he took forever to recover. It was hard for him because he recently divorced his wife and no one from his church was helping him.  Then he moved to where we were and he was the first person we found in the new change.  He used to drink and do stuff like that but in one month he changed his life for forever.  

Then there is Family Ponce. The first time we found them he told his wife to tell us that he doesn't know us and then we were able to teach them the first time and they were baptized.  It was super funny because he tried telling us that he had another commitment in another church but it wasn't true.  The first time they came to church I just knew they would make great members.  It is super awesome to see them.  Since then they said people would tease them about being Mormon which is super funny because with other religions they don't do that. They are both really happy for everything that happened and they had a awesome wedding. I love you all and I need to get off right now love you all.

Elder Gurr

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