Sunday, October 5, 2014

7/28/14 July 28th Elder Gurr

Hello family,

I had some crazy experiences happen to me this week.  On Wednesday we went on divisions with the members for almost the whole day. The two people we met that were the most interesting is when we contacted a kid at the front door and he let us in the front porch and he spoke English.  He was super nice and willing to listen to us. Then we saw his grandmother and she just walked in the house and then after teaching the kid for about 2 minutes the woman comes back out and said, "I don't want to hear your Mormonism", and she was saying other things like that, making sure that we wouldn't talk to her about our church.  Then after about 5 minutes later when we finish talking to the kid we went to contact again and we found her in the street and she said promise me that you will never come back and visit me. We said we wouldn't but I could not promise her it would never happen again.  Then she was like you are walking the wrong path of Christ and I thought to myself who is the one going out using all my time to preach the gospel to the people of Honduras and I was thinking, not you. It's hard to keep you anger in but the member was cool and said OK sister.  Have a good day.  The member had a criminal past but has completely been changed by the gospel of Christ.

Also we were getting tired of contacting the whole day so we saw someone outside and we contacted her. She said she talked to missionaries a short time ago outside of the mission and she was going to get baptized but she couldn't because they left and came to our area.  She is very positive and she is married so we will see what we can do for them.  

On Saturday that was crazy so we were in personal study when all the sudden we get a call that we are going to have interchanges with the assistants.  We were like,  what? We thought it was a joke.  We thought ended up my companion worked with one assistant and I got to exterminate houses of cockroaches and all that it was super fun helping and spreading the chemicals.  

On Sunday I was preparing a class for the second hour because the night before they asked me to do it so I started to prepare the class in church that next morning about 8:30 am so that my companion could practice the Hymns.  I was minding my business studding hard for the second hour class I was going to teach when all of the sudden the bishopric called me up and told me to come over.  I was shocked but I went over then I sat down next to them.  They asked me how I was and I said good and they said they wanted me to prepare a 8 minute talk about what ever thing for Sacrament Meeting that same morning.  I told them I couldn't because I was preparing the next class but they still asked me to do it and I accepted. So then I was now focused on what I would teach at the last second.  Then they started the meeting and I was still thinking when the first went up to speak then I felt like she finished in less than 30 seconds. Then they said it was my turn and I had no idea what to say.  I got up, hesitated a little, then I just started to speak. I spoke about work and not just missionary work but supporting a family.  That is what I was prompted to speak on so I did. I threw scriptures that I had read in the past and to be honest don't remember much but I know the Holy Ghost taught the lesson because I would of not known what to say. The Lord has blessed me with the words to say in this talk because I would have never known what to say. I am grateful for the Holy Ghost that guides us and just one more thing LET THE HOLY GHOST GUIDE. This is my advice this week love you all.

Elder Gurr    

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