Sunday, October 5, 2014

8/25/14 August 25th Elder Gurr

Hello family,

This week was the best week ever. We found the next family we could put a baptism date with.  We found them on Saturday and then we asked them if they wanted to go to church with us that week and they were like no because someone else invited them to go to their church but we then convinced them.  We had his friend with him and this member recent convert has so much energy and testimony.  We could have never found this family without them because they live in a closed apartment complex.  

This week was also great because I was taking a cold shower when all of the sudden the heated water started to work.  It was miracle after miracle this week. Sometimes the mission is hard but worth it in the end. I love the progress that we are making and our investigators are making.  Love you all.

Elder Gurr

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