Sunday, May 18, 2014

1/27/14 January 27th Elder Gurr

Hello family.

How are things going? Well I guess now I am 20 years old. Not a teenager anymore. Very funny!  Here is what happened this week. On Monday we decided to find a less active family. We went up and down hills trying to find them then we found a guy who thought he knew where they lived so we followed.  Then we with 3 others guys, not from the church, hiked to go find this family.  We spent the whole night looking for them and we could not find them.  Turns out that the whole time they lived in a house close to us.  I had a Psych moment looking at their name and figured out that they were the same family that was in the records as inactive. We found them and we plan to help them come back to church. It's been tough to find people to teach. They are not easy to find and they have a hard time excepting what we teach but my faith will not fall.
Thursday was my year mark and we had an activity at the church. Not too many people showed up but they had fun and they want to bring their friends. Friday we helped make tamales. We wanted to help a family out to show that we give service. It was one crazy day we also tried to get the leaders to help.  Sunday we were not able to get much done except that we found a family that we can teach.  One of the family is a member. love you all see you next week. 

Elder Gurr

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