Sunday, May 18, 2014

3/03/14 March 3rd Elder Gurr

 Hello family,

Here is what happened this week. Well we had a baptism this last Saturday with the first guy I found in the new area named Abraham.  My companion never really talked to him about baptism and we mentioned it to him and he liked the idea. It was hard to know if he would actually do it.  He was very happy to be baptized and it felt good for my first baptism of this month.  After he was confirmed one of the members asked what we did to convince him.  We told her not really anything and she was shocked.  Who knows but it was easy, but that was probably the spirit because I don't boast of myself only that God blessed our companionship to have it.  We worked hard and we are seeing the results.  Sometimes God tests us to see what we can do and if we work hard we will be blessed. 

I have definitely learned how blessings work and sometimes the blessings aren't baptisms.  I am blessed to speak the language.  I can speak Spanish, but it's not easy.  Work for new people is slow but we are working with another person that has trouble with coffee.  We will try our best to work with him.  That's been the whole week but we are staying strong and working hard.  Love you all and sorry this is short the internet isn't good this week.


Elder Gurr

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