Sunday, May 18, 2014

3/17/14 March 17th Elder Gurr
Hello family,

I can't believe what happened this week.  It has been one crazy week.  This week was a little hard but we were able to pull through.  This week was amazing for a few things.  First we were able to baptize Santiago and we did it at the church right next to the temple and we told him that the temple in one year is his next goal.  He is an awesome man and very humble we told him to stop drinking coffee and even though it took some time we were able to do it and after that he was ready.  He attended church consecutively and the gospel has really changed his life.  It's incredible to see a man change and to see how much more happiness he has in his life.  He is a good man and I know that he will continue to learn more about the gospel.  

We also had stake conference with Richard G. Scott and Dallen H. Oaks. I never knew that Richard G. Scott spoke Spanish.  It was awesome to hear him speak in Spanish.  He speaks very well.  

Another thing that happened was we have been teaching a family and the wife finally came to church.  She loved going to the temple and she wants to go to church next week and we told the husband if he wants to be baptized he has to attend church.  He said he would go to church next week.  Also something funny happened was we got a ride on a taxi and we started to talk to him and he thought I was from Germany. When he said this I asked why and he said it was because of my hair so I guess I look like a German.  Also when we were with him he asked me to say "Jesucristo es mi vida" (Jesus Christ is my life) and all I said was the phrase in Spanish but in a German sounding way.  It was funny, he totally bought it. 

It has been a fun week and I hope to find out more of what there is in store. I love you all and yes, Jesus Christ is my life. Love you all. I pray for you.

Elder Gurr

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