Sunday, May 18, 2014

2/17/14 February 17th Elder Gurr


Hello Family,

This week was a lot of fun.  We had someone we found in just four days come to church yesterday.  She told us that she loved it and that she will go back.  We were teaching this family that we finally found the dad after it has been over a week and we found her sister and we were teaching them about getting an answer.  I have to say this moment was really spiritual.  My companion and I asked if we would get on our knees and ask God each of them sincerely to pray.  Then we got up and let them talk to us and then I asked how do you feel.  After 20 minutes they each responded receiving some sort of answer.  One saw two paths one to the church with no order and partying churches (the worldly churches) and the other to our church which has order. She said at first she was baptized but we told her do you want a church of order or of chaos. The real church should be the church that everyone can attend which our church is almost around the whole earth. She said that she knew it was true. The other saw us in the light and someone else in the dark didn't know what that was she said. We said that we are the light as representatives to guide her to eternal life. That is what happened this week it was very spiritual and I am loving it here. Love you all,

Elder Gurr 

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