Sunday, May 18, 2014

2/24/14 February 24th Elder Gurr


Hello family,

How are things going? This week has been a good one with the work we did contacting.  The first week we were able to find the people we have who are close to being baptized and they both came to church. One likes to joke a lot so it's hard to teach with the spirit but he knows a lot about the church. He is hard to say but we think we might baptize him this week.  He is awesome and he could get married to another in the ward who they are currently boyfriend and girlfriend.  He is the most likely to get baptized of the group we have.  He is a guy who wants to know everything and I heard that he just wanted to know more information about the church.  He is a great guy and good personality and I can't wait for him to enter in the waters of baptism.  
The other investigator has been listening to us for about two weeks.  He has given up coffee to try to follow the Lord and he attended church last Sunday.  He accepts everything we teach him.  We hope that he can make friends at church and continue listening to us in the discussions.  I am loving the success we have made so far and me and my companion work in unity.  I love the work we do.  It can be hard but it is worth it that these people will be able to enter the Celestial kingdom. Love you all!  This is what I have been doing here. Lots of work and patience.

We will work hard!

Elder Gurr


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