Sunday, May 18, 2014

2/10/14 February 10th Elder Gurr

Hello family,

How is life going? Well, I am in a new area closer to the Tegucigalpa mission home. Here is what happened this week. Monday we didn't do much but we had time to say good-bye to a family who feed us one last time and then on Tuesday we said goodbye to the members in Marcala.  It was sad but cool to get pictures of most of the members.

Wednesday I arrived in my new area called Tizatillo which is just outside of Tegucigalpa. The first day we already found someone contacting and he is very crazy but I had fun teaching him. He knows the lessons, he just doesn't want to be baptized. We will see what we can do. Also one of the zone leaders in my last area came with me the same time here. Crazy!  Thursday was hard because we went contacting and one of the guys we were teaching, a boyfriend of a member, wasn't even paying attention to us.  I know we did our part so we will continue to try to help him.  Friday also was tough contacting and these people are not as excited like the last area but I feel that the ones who listen to us really want to know more about the church.

Saturday we found a family and one told us she had a dream of us coming because the night before she prayed hard that her prayers could be answered.  We came in blue shirts to give service and she told us she saw two white guys in blue shirts. Tells you the importance of the right shirt I guess. We found two families that day which is very high for a normal day because most men here come home late at night.

Sunday was new.  We had to get up early because the church isn't in our area.  There is a member who drives everyone in a bus so it's not as hard to get people to go to church just the time slot. Church starts at 8 AM, but some do not get there till 8:30.  Now I know why everyone shows up late. :) That's what happened this week. Love you all, see you later.

Elder Gurr

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