Sunday, February 23, 2014

10/14/13 October 14th Elder Gurr

Hello again,
Wow it scares me sometimes when I can understand my companion. Like I said he can't speak English but I can understand him, well not perfectly.  Monday I introduced him to the Bishop here and we ate dinner and talked about ways to improve the area.  Tuesday we helped a family clean dishes and helped them with the things they needed. They appreciated the help and my companion wanted to teach the husband because he is not a member.  He hasn't decided to listen to our lessons yet.  It is not his time but maybe in the future he will listen.

We were contacting in the night which is actually hard to do here.  People start sleeping at 7 pm to get up at 4 am for their jobs.  We found a returned missionary (RM) who was telling us to work hard.  He was telling us to work hard and you will find people.  He trained 4 elders on his mission.  This guy was incredible!  On Wednesday we worked in interchanges.  I went with the zone leader and we worked there. We found a investigator that was lost for sometime but after finding him he said that he knows he needs to be baptized. What a cool experience for the zone.

On Friday we had a meeting about following the spirit and we can have the spirit with us if we follow the commandments of God.  We hit our goal as a zone to find 100 people we found 121 new people, a record for the whole mission.  It was a miracle but I think it's time to make this area work.  The president had a dream that the area was going to be prosperous soon. Thanks for the support.

Elder Gurr

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