Sunday, February 23, 2014

11/18/13 November 18th Elder Gurr

Hello Again,

Well it has been a long hard week but now it's over.  I can't believe the things that happened this week.  On Monday we found a family which they have a problem with coffee because this area is big on coffee.  It's not hard to find it here but they can overcome it with our help.  Tuesday we visited a less active member.  She needs to know the importance of why we are here and why we keep the Sabbath day holy. On Wednesday we had a transfer meeting and now here we are.  I am still in Marcala and have a new companion named Elder Longshore.  He is from Washington state but he has 19 months on his mission.  It's interesting to see how much improvement has happened in my language.   I know I have a lot to learn and I am trying to be as humble as I can be to receive it.  

We are finding people like crazy we found this other family that kind of lives in the mountains and they are open to religions. They are Catholic but when people say this they don't actually mean it. They don't go to church, that is what it usually means.  The other day we found an undercover cop and it was awesome.  She is open but sometimes works on Sunday but she is a person you would not expect.  She is awesome and we plan on helping her get to church.  

We are planning on working with less-actives and find people to teach that way. Last night we found a really positive person who is interested in the gospel because we found them with a less-active family.  Also, I was on interchanges with another Elder, (Elder Borge) he is from Nicaragua.  We were like, what should we do, then we decided to pray for a miracle after we finished our prayer we looked up and there was our miracle. He was there and asked if we were Mormons. He said that he would like us to come and we taught a lesson in the park.  It was awesome! 

Love you all have a good week.

Elder Gurr

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