Sunday, February 23, 2014

10/28/13 October 28th Elder Gurr

Hello family,

What a week! I felt like I wrote to you a few hours ago.  Well here is a little bit about what happened this week.  Monday we cleaned the house and we worked hard to help us enjoy our P-day by making a bonfire, but it was hard to get the fire started.  Then we left for the night and tried to find someone but they weren´t there.  We talked to a wife´s husband about changing his life and he came to church and he is working on his problems to follow Christ. Tuesday was wonderful we taught an investigator and he is interested in the church but his wife won't talk to us.  Hopefully we can start working on this family.  We found also a new person who is a missionary for a different church.  He is interested in the church and we helped him see that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. He is very excited to learn more about Jesus Christ.  We were teaching a family investigating the church.  They are interested about the after-life, but here everyone has different opinions. We are working on that.

Wednesday we had interviews with the Mission President only to find out how we are doing spiritually and it's great to have him here. It's been hard to work because of so much rain but everything is good now, well it's the raining month here. Yea!

I found some cool postcards of Honduras you guys are going to receive one soon.  I just need to send it to the office.  We are simply talking to everyone and we hope to find more people to teach. The problem is they need the desire to go to church. That's the biggest problem here. Sunday was cool we invited the new converts over for food and it was fun. We visited some less actives and one thanked us for coming and said he wants to come back to church because he knows it is important. It's awesome to see the good spirits here in Marcala.

Elder Gurr

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