Sunday, February 23, 2014

12/2/13 December 2nd Elder Gurr
Hello family,

How is life going for you? My week was awesome, scary, and very spiritual.

Tuesday we climbed the mountains. It was fun. I have pictures but the computer is slow so I will try to send them later. We talked to the branch president to help him to know what things he might be able to do better for his branch. It was a very spiritual moment for me. On Thursday we planned an activity to help the branch out. We made s'mores and they had no idea what a s'more was, which was kind of funny. The other day we taught a family about the word of wisdom and after explaining why we don't drink coffee the father understood that it was revelation given to us by a prophet and the father knows that it is not good for the body.

This Thursday we plan to teach the restoration to the same family which will put everything we have taught so far together. They are ready to know why the church is true. It's awesome! That was the most spiritual feeling I have ever felt because we taught with the spirit and not by our own words. I know I can only speak through the power of the gift of tongues. It is a blessing to be speaking another language. Without this gospel I feel that I would be lost in this world. I am grateful for the gospel.

We had the zone conference with President Fortuna on Friday. I had interchanges and we had a crazy day of people contacting us. Then we walked home and out of nowhere some strange thing happened.  I know an angel is watching over me. A black dog attacked us in the dark, but I was not bit. I know I was protected by the Lord. The zone leader thought that I was bit but I was fine.

Sorry the computer is messed up right now but love you.

Elder David Gurr

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