Sunday, February 23, 2014

11/11/13 November 11th Elder Gurr

Hello family,

A lot of interesting things happened this week.  Monday we met a family who one of them was from Huntsville, Alabama.  Yah! I was born there.  He speaks English, but he is learning Spanish here.  That was so cool.  On Tuesday we had our district meeting about preparing to have enough to live for 3 days when we can't leave the house.  Wednesday we worked like crazy.  We taught 5 lessons and found 5 new people which is very good.  Thursday we worked liked crazy helping a less active to find the truth that the church is true.  

Friday we worked again and we are working now with a big family. They have 10 so we will see what we can do to help them find the truth in everything. I have been really excited to work this week and I might be transferred out in the next changes.  I hope not.  

On Saturday we had a miracle.  We had another baptism at the last minute.  She was ready a long time ago but she was just scared.  She wanted to but was scared she could not.  She is much better now baptized and confirmed.  It's awesome when we can have baptisms. We are still working hard and preparing for what lies ahead.  Sunday we found 3 new people and made this family size even bigger teaching almost 12 people in this family alone.  I am excited for changes but I might leave and I don't want to.

See you next week love you, love serving and have a strong desire to serve. The language is hard but I am working hard to overcome this challenge.

Elder Gurr

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