Sunday, February 23, 2014

12/23/13 December 23rd Elder Gurr

Hello Family,

I can't believe that it's time again for Skype.  It has been a very short time since I have talked with you all.  Thanks for all the support.  Here is what happened this week.  On Monday we taught the two investigators that are close to baptism.  We taught them about the plan of salvation and they loved it and we asked them to pray to know that it was true.  On Tuesday we worked hard getting 5 contacts.  It was a lot of fun.  The funniest thing happened we came up to a door, the dogs were barking.  After about a minute of knocking he yelled at us and said go away.  To be honest it made me laugh how blind this man must have been to say this to us.  We laughed and continued. Another we said we have a question for you because we wanted to ask if she knew someone but she rejected us right on the spot.  What comforts me is that the scriptures say that there will be many that will reject but many will accept.  I am grateful to be serving and the harder the better to really test me. 

On Thursday we had the opportunity to have a Christmas party.  We think that our investigators are ready to be baptized this Christmas.  We are working hard to create this miracle.  Funny thing happened to the sisters they were teaching a family when they had a new young convert with them and they asked him to bear a testimony and talk about who was Joseph Smith but he talked about Nephi´s story as if he was him.  It was super funny.  Thanks for everything talk to you Wednesday with Skype.

Elder Gurr
Ready for Christmas

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