Sunday, February 23, 2014

12/30/13 December 30th Elder Gurr

Hello family,

This is the last email I will send this year.  I hope everyone had a good year.  Happy birthday dad.  Here is what went down this week.  Monday we visited a mountain view area and took some time to reflect on our work and to set goals for next year.  We visited with some investigators.  We taught them the importance of studying the scriptures. They loved it and told us they will study the scriptures.  On Tuesday we helped with cleaning the front of a house where a single mom lives with her kids and her brother.  We helped clean up the place.   Wednesday I called home and we know what went down there.  

About an hour after talking to you on Skype Christmas day we had the baptism service.  It was awesome.  The two that were baptized bore their testimony and it was really strong.  We are working with 4 men over the age of 18 years and we have a chance to work with their wives.  We were blessed to find them and we hope that they can attend church so they can progress.  They are awesome young men who need to feel the love of the savior.  I love the work that has been done so far and we want that everyone can feel the Savior's love because they need this help in their lives.

Elder Gurr

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