Sunday, February 23, 2014

10/21/13 October 21st Elder Gurr

Wow how much time passes is crazy!  I can't believe how much has happened. It's been tough only because we have been searching hard and we contacted 15 people this week and found 11 new people. We found this little girl and we gave her something to read and her older sister and she read the whole thing and had questions.  She is 9 years old and she read the book.  She is awesome, but they live kind of far away from the church.  She is interested but her sister did go to church.  She just woke up late and couldn't go with her sister last Sunday.  

Another was a miracle when we were walking Sunday we saw the returned missionary (RM) who trained 4 elders.  He is still in town and he wants to help us.  We could use the help.  He is super excited about the work he even offered to help the sisters and teach with them.  We have some remodeling work to do in our house.  The roof is leaky but the owner said he will fix it.  We had a super positive family that we found in a clothes store.  He was for about 40 minutes saying no and making excuses why like I go to another church.  He admitted he was mad because the missionaries were not visiting him.  Then we visited him and he thanked us for coming wow.  It's scary how many things can happen so quickly.  I am teaching like crazy.  This has been my week!

Elder Gurr



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