Sunday, February 23, 2014

9/30/13 September 30th Elder Gurr
Hello Everyone,

First on Tuesday we called an investigator and it was a miracle because we called him and asked him if he really wanted to be baptized and he said that he did this Saturday. We were not expecting this so he was baptized on Saturday and it was incredible! The funny thing is that my companion found out that it was a contact from over 14 weeks ago and he was the one to be baptized. It was very awesome! 

We bought water heaters because the water here is extremely cold, like 55 degrees. He took a bucket shower after because he doesn't like cold water. We found a new family this week.  They are on the fence about the gospel, but we are going to try to touch their lives.  

Oh, the funniest thing happened this week.  We were walking to go find someone and someone saw us and said in English, "You can't convince me of your book."  Me and my companion were like what?  We told him that we only invite and he was telling us he doesn't believe in religion.  At the end of our discussion he wanted us to talk about the Book of Mormon. It was a weird contact. Also he saw his neighbor and he asked her in Spanish to come over to talk with us.  She said she was going to the Catholic church but the guy said in English she is making excuses. It was funny but my companion felt embarrassed. At the end we said that we could answer all his questions. The neighbor will call us soon.  She is preparing questions for us. She is open to religion.  She just likes to know things. The time is going by fast over 35% of my mission is done and I can tell you it has been one interesting year!

Elder Gurr


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