Sunday, February 23, 2014

1/06/14 January 6th Elder Gurr


How's it going? We got a lot of work done this week. We are planning to go to the temple this Thursday and the last time everyone did this we had a good week. The missions stats have been the best from the last 2 years so they should be good.

We are now working with three people who have baptism dates. 1 of them is a family and we are working to help them. We are shooting for the 25 of January but it's going to be tough. I am ready for the challenge. The problem is the guy wants to gain more knowledge of the church by himself, but we are going to teach him about authority. Plus if he wants to work with the missionaries we can finally have a ward mission leader. :) He just wants to preach the gospel. We could use him to help us.

I have never noticed until now how important it is to have the members work with you. It is important that the members help because they live there. We are here for a short time.

The investigator has a  friend and he is super shy, I used to be like him. I plan on helping him feel more confident. The work is super fun and tiring but worth it. It is hard to do what we do.

The thing I learned was that the atonement was never easy this is why not everyone is baptized. I am weak but with God all things are possible. He has helped me so much in learning the language that it is starting to come easier. Just today I was studying the green book of  Spanish and I was flying past the exercises and thinking more on does that really sound right in Spanish. I thought it would take me forever to learn the language but because of the prayers and my faith it is coming. I don't understand everything but it is getting a lot easier.

I can't wait to go to the temple this week and do the things necessary to understand the language. It's fun now to speak the language and I rarely think in English to speak it. I hope you all have a great time at home.
Love you all.

Elder David Gurr

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